immaterial Jhans (how to practice?)

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immaterial Jhans (how to practice?)

Post by Gena1480 » Thu Jul 21, 2011 4:42 am

Can some help me to understand how to practice immatireal(formless) Jhanas?
is immaterial Jhanas can be attain without material Jhanas?
do i have the right understanding of space
if rupa made of 4 great elements, then removing 4 element would be space element?
or i have another understanding of formless
if you take the 360 degree circle
you have the outer shell and inner point
by removing the outer shell of 360 dergree circle there is center point left
but there is infinity space that can be extended to any limit from center point
now if you take outer shell of 360 degree circle and the center point of 360 degree circle and remove them both
there become no internal or external and this is impossible to picture
this idea that does not have anything to grab on
post your opinion on how the 4 immaterial Jhanas practice?
how does one attain space?
how does one attain consciousness?
how does one attain nothing?
how does one attain the 4 immaterial Jhana.
what is right way to practice?

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Re: immaterial Jhans (how to practice?)

Post by nathan » Thu Jul 21, 2011 4:53 am

The four formless concentrations are based on the fourth jhana. To develop the formless concentrations it is first of all necessary to develop jhana to the extent that one can enter and remain in the fourth jhana and then let go of the attention to form.

To develop jhana it is important to begin with overcoming the five hindrances and it is often a good practice to do this in conjunction with developing insight practice. By attending to the breath or to the whole body and by bringing the mind gently back to the object or theme of the meditation one can observe the arising and passing of the five hindrances and the growth or decline of the establishment of steady concentration. When through practice one has developed the skill necessary to overcome the hindrances and to steady the mind on the object or theme of meditation one is ready to be attentive to the arising of the jhana factors and when these are present to begin to reflect on the qualities of the jhana factors and by letting go of the less equanimous factors to develop concentration further up to the fourth jhana. Through the insights gained by means of letting go of the hindrances and letting go of the less equanimous jhana factors, one will have developed the skills neccesary for letting go of attending to form and this will lead to the development of the formless concentrations.
But whoever walking, standing, sitting, or lying down overcomes thought, delighting in the stilling of thought: he's capable, a monk like this, of touching superlative self-awakening. § 110. {Iti 4.11; Iti 115}

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Re: immaterial Jhans (how to practice?)

Post by Gena1480 » Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:24 am

how do you jump from 4 matireal Jhana
to space Jhana
and farther, that is my question
in detail if you can nathan

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