qualities of disciple

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qualities of disciple

Post by rowyourboat » Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:34 pm

Dear All,

I have been compiling a list of qualities of the 'perfect' disciple, based on the suttas. I thought I would share it with you. It might be meaningful to note which ones you are good at and think of cherishing and protecting those qualities about yourself; and also noting which ones need developing.

with metta

Right view: belief in existence of rebirth,
-parents as karmically special people,
-beings who reach nibbana
Accepts that life is Dukkha-unsatisfactory
Sees the drawbacks-aadinava to samsara
Willing to seek out dhamma teachers/kalyanamittas
Associated with kalyanamittas
Willing to listen to instructions
Finds teacher that he loves, respects and has a sense of shame and dread of wrongdoing for
Willing to listen to the dhamma
Willing to retain it
Remembers meditation instructions
Willing to ponder (cintamaya panna)
Willing to ask questions and clarify- overcome doubt
Willing to put it into action/practice it
Has faith-saddha in the Buddha, his teachings and those who teach it now-sangha
Have desire for deliverance-vimutti
Has desire for the dhamma
Has desire to increase kusala , reduce askusala
Has intention to renounce (nekkhamma sankappa)
Has intention to be harmless, not angry, not averse (avyapada, avihimsa sankappa)

Develops sila (8 precepts, 10 kusala)
Is honest to oneself and others, willing to reveal ones faults
Develops gratitude
Does not tell tales,
Does not seek the bad in other, sees the good in others
Not disparaging other
Delights in unity, brings people together
Has metta, karuna, mudita, upekkha
Has metta towards self
Soft, soft spoken (mudu, suvaca)
Is Generous
Does not engage in frivolous talk
Sees danger in the slightest fault
Has hiri and otappa
Is a kalyanamitta to others
Wakeful , not sleepy, or lazy
Has saddha not doubt
Not caught up with remorse, sadness
Develops mindulness
Develops samadhi, unagitated
Develops the 4 jhanas
Develops vipassana (yonisomanasikara, all the vipassana nana, all the visuddhi)
Curious- (dhammaviccaya)
Sampajanna (clear comprehension)
Develops methodically (nyayapatipanno)
Removes all defilements
Balances faculties

NEKKHAMMA- renunciation
Has nekkhamma sankappa
Is contented (santutti)
Is happy with any old garments, accommodation, food, medicines
Simple- not delighting in complication
Not busy- has few duties (appakiccha)
Not entangled
Has a sense of moderation of food, clothes etc
Does not get attached to any one family/set of people (kulesuannanugiddo)
Is modest
Delights in seclusion (viveka)
Has sense restraint (indriyasamwara)
Does not delight in excessive speech
Is sober
Not conceited/arrogant (anatimani)
Has a sense of right time
Is patient

Seeks own good (attha kusala)
Has a warrior’s attitude
Not afraid to strive alone
Self confident (sakko)
Has endurance, persistence, striving – not complaining
Puts in viriya at start, middle and end (viriya arambha, nikkhama, parakrama)
Has motivation
Gives up life and limb for the practice (‘kaya jeewita nirapekshawa’)
Practices in a masterful way (samicipatipanno)
Has the strength of determination (adhitthana)
Upright (ujuca)
With Metta

& Upekkha

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Re: qualities of disciple

Post by cooran » Fri Sep 24, 2010 7:45 am

Hello ryb, all,

It would be great if you could give some links as to which suttas contain particular references to which 'qualities'.

with metta
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Re: qualities of disciple

Post by Sanghamitta » Fri Sep 24, 2010 8:02 am

Personally I think the main quality we need is the fact that there is Dukkha and the means to end it. And that is true no matter how imperfect we are.
The going for refuge is the door of entrance to the teachings of the Buddha.

Bhikku Bodhi.

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Re: qualities of disciple

Post by rowyourboat » Sat Sep 25, 2010 5:28 pm

cooran wrote:Hello ryb, all,

It would be great if you could give some links as to which suttas contain particular references to which 'qualities'.

with metta
Hi Chris

I think I searched 'qulities' on accesstoinsight and came up with this list as I was preparing a syllabus for a meditation class. Your suggestion is a good one, but will take a bit of time. I guess the accesstoinsight.org index would be a good starting point.

I think to develop deeply into the path these qualities are important. Meditation per se arent going to automatically give them to us, but we need to intentionally develop them (samma vayama- right effort). The mind which can let go of samsara and enter into nibbana is an extremely refined one.

with metta
With Metta

& Upekkha

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