Satipatthana sequencing

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Re: Satipatthana sequencing

Post by Freawaru » Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:09 am

mikenz66 wrote:
Freawaru wrote: So I would say it is more a matter of understanding oneself first, which frame of reference is more accessible than the others at any given time to decide for an object of sati.

I know this is not as teachers like Soma Thera seem to teach it but it works for me.
My recollection of the book is that he discusses the usual Mahasi-style stuff, and that's exactly what is taught - be aware of whatever arises. Of course, one uses rising-falling etc if nothing else arises...

Hi Mike,

Maybe I misunderstood Soma Thera. I thought he meant that there are different characters in general and that some of them are so dumb that they cannot - at all - access thoughts for example. I seem to recall a chapter on this separation into different "character classes" (was it in the Visuddhimagga ???), that a teacher first needs to find out the character class of a student to decide for the reference frame.
Ah, here is one of those references: scroll down to "40 Meditation Exercises, as listed in the Path of Purification" ... 6.html#app" onclick=";return false;
The trouble here is twofold: firstly, very few "pure" types can be found, most people being mixtures of two or more of them — and moreover ever-changing mixtures;...
I found that I can kinda identify with all those types - some more often than others - but no just one or even a mixture all the time. So I think it is more useful to observe oneself in the present state when attempting meditation and then decide for a type due to it. Say, I am in a current "hate" mode then I decide for one of those kasinas 5-8 (5. blue, 6. yellow, 7. red, 8. white) because they are recommended for the practice of hate characters because of their pure, pleasing colors. When "greedy" I decide for something else.

So I absolutely agree with Retro here:
retrofuturist wrote: If sati is already strong enough to attend to dhammas, then why not dive right in?
Yep! Go for it! :D

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