Measureless Mind

General discussion of issues related to Theravada Meditation, e.g. meditation postures, developing a regular sitting practice, skillfully relating to difficulties and hindrances, etc.
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Measureless Mind

Post by Pseudobabble » Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:58 pm

Hi Everyone,

I was reading through some old threads, and there was a website ( linked to by IanAnd, which is now down, so I waybackmachined it, and grabbed the pages. Ill post it here for anyone who might find it of use.

I haven't finished reading it, but so far its pretty good, clear and concise, and the section on Jhana nimittas is pretty good.

I've attached the zipfile.
(293.04 KiB) Downloaded 36 times
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Re: Measureless Mind

Post by Meggo » Sun Jun 11, 2017 5:19 pm

Thank you. :smile:

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