Citta Vipassana Master will visit Berlin this weekend

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Citta Vipassana Master will visit Berlin this weekend

Post by ropru » Mon Jun 02, 2014 1:51 pm

Dear Vipassana Friends,

A Vipassana master from Thailand is visiting Berlin, Germany, this weekend. You are really welcome to visit the temple (see the last post).

He is regarded a master in Citta Vipassana (observation of the mind). His teaching is very popular and has gained very high attention among the contemporary Thai Vipassana meditators. Many of the people following his teaching has gained very good progress in the Dhamma.

He is trusted among Thais being one of the very few persons who has highest quality in this world (you got to experience this yourself!!!, Unfortunately, this has been quite limited among Thai because of the language communication).

In Thailand we have many ways of Vipassana meditation. Goenkaji's technique stress the important of observing sensation, but once you progress further you will see the mind very clearly and that shows to be the same path following Satipatana Sutta. The technique here addresses important of observation of the mind, seeing impermanence of the mind.

Please spread this news to people in the benefit of mankind.


PS. Unfortunately, Dhamma talk will be mostly in Thai, but it may be possible to do it in English also with a translator in case you have questions.
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