Anapanasati Meditation (Mindfulness of Breathing)

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Anapanasati Meditation (Mindfulness of Breathing)

Postby Madushka » Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:16 am

Anapanasati Meditation (Mindfulness of Breathing)
This is the most important meditation practice in Theravada Buddhism.
Contemplation and re- contemplation of ‘Ana’ / inhalation (the intake of breath through the nostrils into the body) and ‘Pana’/exhalation (the outgoing of breath through the nostrils from the body) advances the concentration of the mind. All the Buddhas become enlightened based on this meditation. The number of “Paseka Buddhas” and “Arahanths” who have attained so, using this meditation is countless.
Our great Buddha applauded Anapanasati Meditation as thus:
“Dear Bhikkus,
The contemplation of ‘Anapanasati’ developed and practiced again and again is peaceful; delightful; naturally pleasant; Brings physical & mental happiness. Has the power to disappear and pacify the low demerits.”

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