anyone use the chair?

General discussion of issues related to Theravada Meditation, e.g. meditation postures, developing a regular sitting practice, skillfully relating to difficulties and hindrances, etc.
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Re: anyone use the chair?

Post by JustThis » Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:03 pm

When using a chair one thing to experiment with is how you place your feet. I have found that by widening the distance between knees I can fold my feet around the outside of the front legs of the chair and position them further back. This allows me to position my knees so that they are lower than my pelvis, this helps me align my spine in a straighter, more upright position. So don't think that just because you are sitting in a chair that you have to have your feet flat on the ground in front of you, play around with it a little.

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Re: anyone use the chair?

Post by Samvega » Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:59 pm

I use a meditation bench or a chair. I've had great meditations in both. I've tried many times to adjust to sitting crosslegged on the floor but have never had any success. I'm a big fan of my bench, which was given to me by a gentlemen on retreat who had bought it for himself but was too large for it. I sit with the bench on top of a zabuton cushion to save my knees.

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Re: anyone use the chair?

Post by mpcahn » Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:07 am

Do this before you meditate:

is the mind us? Is it ours? Slash on down! Whatever is going to be destroyed, let it be destroyed. We feel no regrets. We want only the truth. (Ajahn Maha Boowa)

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