Volunteers Needed for digital PTS project

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Volunteers Needed for digital PTS project

Post by bksubhuti » Fri Aug 16, 2019 6:00 pm

PTS (Pali Text Society) Sutta collections are being made into sutta ebooks from the Buddhadust.net website.

Volunteers are needed to quickly run spell checker and skip all UK spellings and Pali words. Need to cut and paste an excerpt and bold the misspelled word and list the sutta.

It is best to set your spell checker to UK English.

If you agree, I will break up the files to 1 hour task jobs (about 4-500 pages). The repetitions are rolled out and the text has a poetic layout which will remain in the ebook. So the pages go quite quickly.

The PTS English translations for the Suttas have been released for cc-by-nc since 2013 and are posted on buddhadust.net

While an incredible amount of work and formatting has been done by the owner of the website, there are still spelling mistakes leftover from the rough ocr scans.

I have taken the suttas and started making ebooks with his work (which he is happy about). So far, only Aj. Sujato has the only free and complete sutta collection. While the pts version uses some older English, I am happy with this version. I appreciate the layout and roll-outs.

Send a message by email using my username and adding gmail.com (guess the address). I will prepare a small chunk for you.

MN and DN are in Beta release now. AN and SN will be finished soon.

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Re: Volunteers Needed for digital PTS project

Post by sunnat » Sat Aug 17, 2019 2:48 am

I can help. Email/message me

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