Share poems relate to Dhamma

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Share poems relate to Dhamma

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Hi everyone,

Last week, while I was surfing the forum :reading: I encountered certain person claim that in Zen there is many poems and wise stanzas, provoke creativity, as oppose to Theravada. Why don't I post of my poems that I was casually composed :stirthepot: to express my faith in the Dhamma? :buddha1:

And this can be a material for those who want to have a discussion with the devas if they are able to, because in the suttas, devas seem to only interested in communicate through poems and stanza :jumping:
I wonder if certain people
know that they will die
and all that dear to them
must be left behind?

This body is liable to impermanence
to wearing away and erosion
to breaking up and destruction
death can come at any moment

This body was produced by mother and father
and is made up of 4 primary elements
It is used to cross over
the flood of defilements

To arrive at the far shore
called the extinguishment
Of what used to be known
as greed, hatred and delusion

The Buddha has walked the path
he himself has shown the way
I myself will walk the path
to be freed, one day.

In the past I was beset by
- lust and anger - so disgusting, lowly & weak
No more, now, my voice sounds like
- the roar of a lion - so mighty & powerful

By taming and instructing a horse become a thoroughbred
By restraining and training a youngster become a great man
Independent of worldly things
Head straight toward the far shore
- the extinguishment of greed, hate and delusion

"See this fancy puppet,
a body built of sores,
diseased, obsessed over,
which doesn’t last at all.

See this fancy figure,
with its gems and earrings;
it is bones wrapped in skin,
made pretty by its clothes.

Rouged feet
and powdered face
may be enough to beguile a fool,
but not a seeker of the far shore."

"Get up! Sit up!
What's your need for sleep?
Train firmly for the sake of peace,
Don't let the king of death — seeing you heedless." (The Buddha - snp.2.10)

the beauty is so diverse, delightful but deceptive
an untrained person finds it's hard to resist
but for whom whose lust is ended
- through self-discipline and training
stress and sorrow find no footing

the sun and the gods, so bright and radiant
their light is hard to surpass
but for whom whose defilements are ended
- through wisdom and direct knowledge
is indeed more radiant than that

old age and death are so powerful and mighty
they defeat all living beings
but for whom whose rebirth and suffering are ended
- through letting go and not grasping
is indeed more mighty than that

death is closer with every breath
death can come at any time
death may arrive in any form
- without warning for those who are ignorant
a wise person will strive to purify the mind

death is closer with every breath
death can come at any time
death may arrive in any form:
accident, heart stroke, cancer, or be killed

for each breath, maybe it's the last breath
wealth won't help, nor relatives and loved ones
once death comes, all must be left behind
one should use the remaining time, wise

My heart is invaded
By the forces of darkness
Greed, Hatred and Delusion
In many forms and shapes

They enslave my mind
Want me to be negligent
Seduce me by entertainments
So that I can't ever fight back

I'm already entraped
In the round of reappear
Inconceivable is it beginning
Unfathomable is it suffering

The amount of water
In four Great Oceans
Is little compared to
The tears I've shredded

The amount of mass
In the Solar System
Is little compared to
The bones I've left

With the death draws near
In each and every breath
Ignorance won't help
Nor wealth and relatives

It's been a long time
Swimming in the sea of transmigrating
Because I ignore The Truth
Of old age, death, and many forms of burden

Now is the time, now is the chance
To aim for the liberation
By following the Right Method
And practice with diligence

What else in the world
Has more priority?
For everything and everyone
Must be left behind - once I die.
(the order is not by time of compose, just randomly assigned)

I hope you will find these poems inspiring and I hope you can share your poems relate to your training or about the Dhamma too :group: :anjali:
"Then the Teacher, being sympathetic, and having compassion for the whole world,
said to me, “Come, monk!” That was my ordination.
Staying alone in the wilderness, meditating tirelessly,
I have completed what the Teacher taught, just as the victor advised me.

In the first watch of the night, I recollected my past lives.
In the middle watch of the night, I purified my clairvoyance.
In the last watch of the night, I shattered the mass of darkness."
- KN Thag 12.2
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