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A good Poem-book for (not only) Children.

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 7:36 pm
by thang
Lo-wáda Sangarava
A Sinhalese poem of the 15th century
by Venerable Vidagama Maitreya Mahathera
Translated by: Bhikkhu K. Nanananda
Link: Towards a Better World

Some of the verses:
"For what are you always getting ready
-eating and drinking and adorning yourself?
Where are you going to take this body?
Be diligent at all times in doing merits."

"Isn't that what takes you beyond the ocean of existence?
Today-even today-Death might come.
How can you rest assured that Death will not come tomorrow?
When will Mara with his mighty army be your guarantor?
Why are you so lazy in doing skillful deeds?"

"For Death-there is no hindrance anywhere.
Isn't it a fact that all these pleasures last only so long as one has merits?
Without believing in the words of the Buddha
which bring samsaric sufferings to and end,
what is the use of dancing-of fun and frolic?"

-Venerable Great Poet of Vidagama