duplicate topic - side by side translations

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duplicate topic - side by side translations

Post by Dhammarakkhito » Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:15 am

just sharing this site that i have recently come across and find extremely helpful in dhammaduta. translations are side by side so you just copy and paste from whichever section “seyyathāpi, visākhe, yo imesaṃ soḷasannaṃ mahājanapadānaṃ pahūtarattaratanānaṃ issariyādhipaccaṃ rajjaṃ kāreyya, seyyathidaṃ aṅgānaṃ, magadhānaṃ, kāsīnaṃ, kosalānaṃ, vajjīnaṃ, mallānaṃ, cetīnaṃ, vaṅgānaṃ, kurūnaṃ, pañcālānaṃ, macchānaṃ, sūrasenānaṃ, assakānaṃ, avantīnaṃ, gandhārānaṃ, kambojānaṃ, aṭṭhaṅgasamannāgatassa uposathassa etaṃ kalaṃ nāgghati soḷasiṃ. taṃ kissa hetu? kapaṇaṃ, visākhe, mānusakaṃ rajjaṃ dibbaṃ sukhaṃ upanidhāya”.

"Suppose that one were to exercise kingship, rule, & sovereignty over these sixteen great lands replete with the seven treasures, i.e., over the Angas, Maghadans, Kasis, Kosalans, Vajjians, Mallas, Cetis, Vansans, Kurus, Pañcalas, Macchas, Surasenas, Assakas, Avantis, Gandharans, & Kambojans: It would not be worth one-sixteenth of this Uposatha endowed with eight factors. Why is that? Kingship over human beings is a meager thing when compared with heavenly bliss.
http://www.buddha-vacana.org/sutta/angu ... 3-071.html
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— Ud 5.5

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