First Pa Auk monastery in USA led by monastics

Organisational work, teaching, Sunday school syllabus, charitable work, outreach, sharing of resources, artwork, etc.
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First Pa Auk monastery in USA led by monastics

Post by pilgrim » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:30 am

Pa Auk Tawya Vipassanadhura Hermitage, Georgia was established in February 2017, and is operated by the America Dhamma Society (ADS). It is the very first Pa Auk Monastery in the U.S. led by​​ the Sangha Committee members. It covers an area of 100 acres for religious purposes and another 78 acres will be used for ADS future charitable activities. The hermitage is about 2 hours away from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. ... ?locale=en
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Re: First authorised Pa Auk monastery in USA

Post by paul » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:44 am

It's an inspiring time being around at the beginning of a new forest monastery, and they usually need volunteers: ... ?locale=en

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