Maybe soon in Russia, we can not preach Dhamma

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Maybe soon in Russia, we can not preach Dhamma

Post by khemindas » Fri Jun 24, 2016 7:15 am

The State Duma will consider amendments to the law on missionary activity. It is proposed that most activities clearly regulate and penalize citizens for violations. In addition, it will be forbidden to preach in homes. Experts interviewed by the RP, have expressed concern that this type of law could complicate the work of traditional religious organizations in Russia, including the Russian Orthodox Church.

Safety Committee considered and proposed the adoption of 22 June a large package of amendments, which, according to the authors, should help in the fight against terrorism and extremism. Among the innovations - such as the deprivation of Russian citizenship for terrorist activities or access of the investigating authorities to personal data - set of amendments, which regulate missionary activity, which caused a lot of questions.

"I believe that religious organizations, including from the Russian Orthodox Church, these amendments will be a number of substantive issues. Because if they are adopted in their present form, simply invite home a priest, for example, to consecrate an apartment, it will be considered a violation, "- said" Russian planet "Yaroslav Nilov, deputy head of the LDPR faction, chairman of the Duma Committee for Public Associations and religious organizations. The MP believes that the amendments introduced by the authors were guided first and foremost a problem of radical forms of Islam, and this is definitely a good purpose. But, in his opinion, such delicate issues must first be discussed with the representatives of religious organizations.

Now in Russia there is no legislation regulating the work of the missionaries at the federal level. But in some regions - for the moment there are nine - such laws exist, for example in Smolensk, Kostroma, Novgorod, Voronezh regions. On the necessity of a law at the federal level do not speak for the first year. The logic of the authors of the bill is clear: Daishev (banned in the Russian extremist organization) weaves its network around the world, and Russia for the Islamists has always been a tasty morsel. Yes, and all sorts of sects, exuberant flowering of which 90 years has been contained, though, no, no yes and make themselves known.

What is offered

The main amendments proposed by the Committee on Security, refer to the Law on Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations. It is proposed to add to it a separate chapter "missionary activity", which will be clearly spelled out, in what it is expressed, and who and under what conditions has the right to deal with it.

To carry out missionary activities, the citizen must be in possession of permits - the decision of a religious group meeting - "with details of the written confirmation and registration notification and the establishment of the early activities of this group." Foreigners can preach only the subject of the Russian Federation, where they have been granted permission on behalf of inviting their religious organization.

In addition, under the missionary activities meant preaching activity on the Internet, as well as fundraising. To carry out religious activities and disseminate religious materials - leaflets, audio and video - without an official name of the organization is prohibited: violators face a fine of 30 to 50 thousand rubles.. with confiscation of preaching materials.

It is also proposed to introduce two terms - "service" and "missionary activity." Moreover, on the idea of the bill's authors, missionary activity (as opposed to services) in a residential area it will be impossible to carry out. That is, Jehovah's Witnesses, who are so fond of going from door to door and offering to talk about the Bible, will be outside the legal field. However, it is not clear how to distinguish between these terms, because missionary activity according to the new amendments will also include a public commission of worship. "Russian planet" failed to contact the authors of the draft law and to clarify the details of the proposed initiatives. RP interviewed members of the Duma's security committee, also declined to comment on the amendments, since, according to them, it is not engaged in this issue, and are familiar with the bill only superficially.

"Our team did not participate in the discussion of these amendments - said Yaroslav Nilov. - In our specialized committee (for public associations and religious organizations -.. RP) work with representatives of religious organizations is underway. Any changes that affect the law on freedom of conscience, discussed with representatives of the denominations. In addition, under the president have a commission on religious issues. Church-state dialogue built and fruitful, he is developing. "

According Nilov, the fate of the law will depend on the outcome of the vote tomorrow in the State Duma. Any work on the bill will be possible in the next convocation of the Duma.

What is already there

Interestingly, the already existing regional laws deemed effective and fully compliant with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and the current legislation, adopted on the initiative of the society.

"In the Arkhangelsk diocese received numerous complaints from residents, who complain about the active dissemination of destructive cults and sects. The region has recorded cases where the activity of sects led to the disintegration of families, the disappearance of the children, the loss of property of citizens, suicide attempts and disability. Often under the guise of preaching religious activities carried out, very far from the religious orientation ", - he said Metropolitan Arkhangelsk and Kholmogory Daniel at the meeting of the Arkhangelsk Regional Assembly during the adoption of the local law on missionary activity in December last year. Before the adoption of the law held a public debate involving all traditional faiths, as well as representatives of regional authorities and law enforcement agencies. I would like to, and federal law has been discussed if not all honest people, then at least with the relevant committees, and religious organizations.

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Re: Maybe soon in Russia, we can not preach Dhamma

Post by Pinetree » Sat Jun 25, 2016 1:35 pm

Curious about something ... how is religious activity defined ... or preaching or missionaries ?

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Re: Maybe soon in Russia, we can not preach Dhamma

Post by SearchingPeace » Wed Jul 06, 2016 7:22 am

Is there something we can do to help? For example subscribing a petition to the Russian Duma

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Re: Maybe soon in Russia, we can not preach Dhamma

Post by R1111 = rightviewftw » Fri Jul 08, 2016 1:05 pm

update on this?

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