Dana - suggested places to make donations

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Re: Dana - suggested places to make donations

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KIVA http://www.kiva.org/ has been mentioned before but I thought that sharing my experience of it may encourage others to get involved.
KIVA explicitly lends to people who wouldn't normally be able to get finance and that hints that the risk of non-repayment is worth worrying about - and it was in fact my only serious doubt before I decided to dip my toe (wallet?) into the water. With that thought in mind, I contributed an initial amount that I could afford to lose - the kind of amount, in fact, that I might have given to the Pakistan flood appeal at about the same time.
The good news is that I needn't have worried. All of the first round of loans I put money into were paid back on time. As they were repaid, that money became available to re-lend to new borrowers, and it went out again ... and came back again in every case. As of this week I have made 13 loans without putting in any more money, supporting small shopkeepers, farmers and tradespeople in Cambodia, Mali, Senegal and Benin.
It's a lot of feel-good for a very small investment :smile: and I'm now ready to put a bit more money into it. I know it works, the original amount has been eroded slightly by the administration fees (only about 15% of the loan amount each time but that adds up over a dozen loans) and, after more than a year, I surely have a few more dollars that others can use more productively than I can.

Over to you!


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Discovery of Burma, Buddhism and Kathina offering

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Dear All Members and Dhamma Friends,

I have the pleasure to inform you of a trip to Burma and Kathina robe offering organised by a French group, disciples of Sayadaw U Pandita - from October 25th to November 11th 2012.

Bhagavato sāvakasaṁgho
Anuttaraṁ puññakkhettaṁ lokassā

The Order of the Blessed One is an incomparable field of merits for the wordl.

May all practice dāna with faith, confidence an joy.
Trip to Burma


Discovery of Burma, Buddhism and
Kathina offering at Paṇḍitārāma Maymyo
October 25th - November 11th 2012

Burma (or Myanmar) is the Land of Dhamma.
Indeed, according to the legend, 49 days after his Enlightenment, while the Buddha was sitting at the foot of the Rājāyatana tree (Buchanania Latifolia), two merchants brothers Tapussa et Bhallika, travelling from Ukkalāpa to the Majjhima aera, approach the Blessed One. They offered him honey rice cakes and then took refuge in the Buddha and the Dhamma. Complying to their request, the Buddha offered them some of his hair. The two brothers, who were overwhelmed with joy brought them back in their native town named Pokkharavatī. Then, they had a stupa built on the Singuttara hill, where the hair of the Buddha was enshrined. This stupa is the Shwedagon Pagoda, which at night illuminates Yangon with golden rays.

Nowadays, Burma is a country where Theravāda Buddhism is still flourishing. With 300 000 to 500 000 monks and 75 000 nuns, and a people much devoted to the Buddha sāsana, the Wheel of the Dhamma is still turning. According to some monks, there are still fully enlightened beings, Arahants to be found there.

Life over there is more and more difficult.

Thus, we are very much honored and happy to be able to offer support to our Dhamma brothers and sisters in Burma. This year, with some Dhamma friends, we will be the main donors for the Kathinarobe offering at the monastery of Paṇḍitārāma Maymyo in upper Burma. This celebration traditionally takes place at the end of the vassa, the rain retreat. We will also make offerings of the 4 requisites in different monasteries and nunneries in Burma.

Besides, we will go and pay homage to Buddha relics, visit some important spiritual places, have some meditation, meet monks and nuns, have some Dhamma discussion with them, and discover the beauty of Burma’s landscape and recharge our batteries in its nature.

And this opportunity to go and discover Burma and Buddhism in its traditional aspects, to practice dāna and contribute to support the saṁgha and thus, sow great wholesome deeds in this incomparable field of merits… this rare and precious opportunity, we would like to share it with all of you.

You are welcome to join us to sow the seeds of generosity, sharing, loving-kindness and peace in Burma.

With mettā
Sayagyi Daw Sobhanā and Sayalay Ma Candasobhā

Fore more information, you can contact santisantisukha@gmail.com.

KATHINA 2012 offering
Offering of the 4 requisites

Here are the many fields of merits where to sow our dana seeds:

* Offering of the 4 requisites to Sayadawgyi U Pandita (Abbot of Paṇḍitārāma Shwe Taung Gon (Yangon)

* Offering of meal (breakfast and lunch) at Paṇḍitārāma Shwe Taung Gon

* Offering of meal (breakfast and lunch) au centre de méditation Paṇḍitārāma Hse Main Gon (Bago)

* Offering for Kathina at Paṇḍitārāma Maymyo

* Offering of medicine to the studying nuns at Paṇḍitārāma Shwe Taung Gon

* Offering of lunch and the 4 requisites at Myasekkya studying monastery (Sagaing)

* Offering of the 4 requisites to Sayadaw U Insadiri (Shwetaung)

* Offering of breakfast and the 4 requisites at Yo Sayadaw (Tipitakadhara)’s studying monastery (Yangon)

* Offering of the 4 requisites to a studying nunnery (Yangon)

* Dāna to support the volunteers helping at Paṇḍitārāma Yangon, Bago and Maymyo

* Offering for the Buddhist Culture Course in Summer: the purpose of this summer course is to nurture and raise a new generation for the sāsana. During this course, students are to ordain as novices and nuns and they are trained in Buddhist culture from both practical and theoretical aspects. Each year about 500 students participated in Panditarama Forest Center.

* Offering of light at Shwedagon Pagagoda…

You can join and participate to this rare and great dāna, offering with joy, according to your possibilities.

May all donors, departed ones, all beings.
Be always well, happy and at peace.
We share our merits with all beings.
May we be able to attain Nibbāna in the near furture.
Sādhu! Sādhu! Sādhu!
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Re: Dana - suggested places to make donations

Post by rowyourboat »

Donations to Meetirigala Nissaranawanaya meditation centre for building their meditation centre:

"Dear all,
It is with great joy that I write to all of you to announce that we are ready to start stage 2 of the lay Meditation Hall. We have finalised the stage 2 plan with the architects (Loci) and propose to commence construction by Jan 2013..

Over 600 attendees would have benefitted from retreats at the Centre so far. Endless oceans of  merit to all those who gave donations and were involved directly or indirectly. Those who have attended a retreat at the Centre would no doubt hail the work we have carried out and give testimonials praising the Centre..

There are other ongoing projects such as Kuti renovation, Monks upper Dana Hall renovation, proposed separate meditation hall(subject to planning permission), landscaping and the Kapakaru Dayakaya scheme. The Attachments will give details of such schemes. The Forms are to be completed and e mailed to us through the e mail address given in the web site. We can then follow through and issue a receipt on clearance of your donation. Donations for any of the schemes can be a one off sum or a monthly annuity..

- Complete Meditation Hall with all facilities (Half completed and already using for ongoing retreats)

This project is half completed and already being used for ongoing retreats. It includes a large meditation hall, a kitchen, rest areas and modern toilets inclusive of solar heated hot water facilities. The facilities are continuously used for visiting meditation groups under the guidance of Ven. Dhammajeeva. The balance project when completed will increase the residential and toilet facilities for another fifty and will enhance the sitting and walking meditation area
- Complete Pindapatha Hall

This is part of the lay Meditation Hall project described above and is the place where the monks are provided with food when they do their daily alms round. This is an urgent need in case the completion of the meditation hall is delayed.

- Reading Room with a Library

The current collections of books are well maintained but require additional space. The expansion will include an area for meditators to study the Tripitakaya.

- Complete Dana Sala for Bhikkhu

The current facilities are over 40 years old. The plan is to include a sick bay for a single monk with attached toilet and upgrade the monks food partaking area ad their toilet. The small kitchen and the attendants quarters/toilet will be modernized to meet modern hygiene requirements

- Kuti renovation project and regular maintenance work.

This is a continuous exercise as the ravages of the tropical weather demands continuous maintenance work throughout the year. Constant attention has to be paid to ensure that the Kuti's, the sole residence of a meditating monk, are not dilapidated and uninhabitable.

http://www.nissarana.lk/contribute" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; 

With metta

(past President)
With Metta

& Upekkha

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Re: Dana - suggested places to make donations

Post by Ytrog »

I want to help out with a monastery and not only donating money. As I'm not living near one would helping with maintaining their site be considered dana? :?
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Re: Dana - suggested places to make donations

Post by Kim OHara »

Ytrog wrote:I want to help out with a monastery and not only donating money. As I'm not living near one would helping with maintaining their site be considered dana? :?
I have been doing site construction and maintenance for a local meditation centre and a couple of worthwhile non-profit groups for a few years. I reckon it's dana in just the same way that going to a temple and helping maintain the grounds would be.


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Re: Dana - suggested places to make donations

Post by Hanzze »

Ytrog wrote:I want to help out with a monastery and not only donating money. As I'm not living near one would helping with maintaining their site be considered dana? :?
To help in "your" church would have maybe even better effects, as one would need to let go of affection and focus just on wholesome deed with out a personal aim. Your actions would be maybe permanently under control and as it could be done mindfully from the beginning, in the middle and at the end.
Is maintaining their site be considered dana?
Of cause it would fall into the ten meritiouse deeds. You might share your time and effort which one could call Dana. You could make it mindful (lesser with the objectivity of creating or providing something for somebody), then it would be even Ditthijukamma (straighten ones views). How ever, it would be Veyyavacca (rendering service and assitance) even if you would just sweep the paths. No money need to let go.

In many monasteries are often very silent people who make unexciting and unspeculare work. I have to think on an "poor" old man, who rides his bike every day to the monastery and keeps the paths free of grass. I guess he is not often recognized next the line of donators, builders, creators and beautificators but he is one of the less who makes his path.
Just that! *smile*
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BUT! it is important to become a real Buddhist first. Like Punna did: Punna Sutta Nate sante baram sokham _()_

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Re: Dana - suggested places to make donations

Post by retrofuturist »


Humanitarian Clowns Inc
https://www.facebook.com/humanitarian.clowns" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
HCA.jpg (162.66 KiB) Viewed 12048 times


Humanitarian Clowns is an organization that takes performers and non performers to developing Countries as clowns to promote love and laughter through compassionate clowning.


To assist NGO's around the world with Community Development Projects and to promote Community Service work to individuals that participate on our trips, giving them the fundamental tools to link them into Community work within their own community.

To Bring joy, laughter, peace and love via Clowning to Communities living in hardship, wars and poverty.

Company Overview

Humanitarian Clowns is a non for profit Organization within Australia but welcomes participants from all over the world that provides a Social Clowning experience to disadvantaged Children and Communities all over the globe.

Our Organization is based on three different elements:

• Supporting Individuals and Communities living in hardship due to Poverty, illnesses, wars and Community conflicts, we provide a Social Clowning experience to those in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Refugee Camps, Aboriginal Communities, Orphanages, Slums, Schools and Remote Villages, promoting joy and happiness whilst bringing people together in a fun and safe environment.

• We train anyone that is interested in participating, to dress up as a Clown, to bring joy and laughter to some of the worlds most disadvantaged groups and Individuals with no discrimination against their race, mental well-being, sex, age or religion, Giving our Volunteers the opportunity and skills to help others within their own Community.

• We support local Charities with entertaining Children on their special event days and we support International NGO's with Community Development Projects (Teaching English, Building Schools and water wells, Creating Health Camps in Remote Tribal Villagers with local Hospitals, Creating Income Sustainability Projects and promoting love and happiness).


Retro. :)
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Re: Dana - suggested places to make donations

Post by DAWN »

I make donation of about 8-10% of my money to:
also my blood plasma twice a mounth, and if i die suddely i will give my organs, and also i give nuriture for two neighbor cats and some 20 "wild" birds

I suggest you give your blood, or plasma, organs, money, home, childrens, idea, thoughts, wishes all ! Give all to everybody ! :twothumbsup:
Sabbe dhamma anatta
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Re: Dana - suggested places to make donations

Post by pilgrim »

I just visited Dhammagiri Foundation in Mae Hong Son, Thailand. It is run by Ven Cagino, a Malaysian monk who trained in Wat Pah Nanachat. It works for the social upliftment and Dhamma education of orphans and abandoned children in the area. I think it plays an important role as the area is a hotspot for evangelical missionaries.
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Re: Dana - suggested places to make donations

Post by gavesako »

I think they are just raising awareness of this project in Bangkok which might attract more sponsors. Especially with the connection to Wat Pah Nanachat, which has many wealthy patrons, it should not be hard to gather funds for a worthy project like this. It is good to do something tangible especially in an area which (as I have seen for myself on tudong) has been strongly influenced by the missionaries who are converting the hill tribe people and brainwashing them.
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Re: Dana - suggested places to make donations

Post by DAWN »

DN 5 Is a very wonderfull teaching about Dana. :anjali:
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Post by starter »

Hi I'm sending this announcement for Carolina Buddhist Vihara. Metta to all!

Subject: Letter from Carolina Buddhist Vihara
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2013 17:15:17 +0000

Dear Devotees,

As you know, Carolina Buddhist Vihara has been providing much needed services to individuals and families in the Carolinas as well as in other states in US for the past 13 years. Each year, the vihara resident monks have conducted meditation classes, sutra discussions, Pirith Chanting, and daily Buddha Pujas, and have also operated the children's Sunday's school. Apart from these community services, the Vihara also performs the celebration of Sinhala New Year & Vesak with the intention of giving insight into our Sinhalese cultural values to our children living in the US. It is the Vihara's mission to provide assistance with spiritual & intellectual guidance to every individual who needs assistance in our community.

In order to fulfill our mission, we depend on your generous donations, as Carolina Buddhist Vihara is a non-profit organization that operates with your support. Please consider making a donation to the Carolina Buddhist Vihara. All monies raised will be used for maintenance and development of the temple. With continuous operation of the Vihara, we'll be able to serve more people each year, which will have a residual positive impact on the community as a whole.

I'm also pleased to inform that an anonymous donor has agreed to match the total donations that the Vihara receives from June 25th to July 31st. Please take this good opportunity to make a donation. All donations are needed and appreciated, regardless of the size. Please consider the importance and the positive impact the Vihara will have on everyone in our community. Please, send your donation to "Carolina Buddhist Vihara, 113 Woodridge Circle, Greenville, SC 29607. (Tel 864-329-9961) It is a fact that with your donation, the Vihara can continue to provide the service you need.

With Metta,

Carolina Buddhist Vihāra
113 Woodridge Circle,
Greenville SC 29607
Tel 864-329-9961
Email: dhammasc@hotmail.com

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Re: Dana - suggested places to make donations

Post by Jason »

Calling all kalayana-mittas! Portland Friends of the Dhamma (PFoD) is at a critical juncture in their 13-year history and needs all the support they can get.

For those who may be unfamiliar with PFoD, it's a nonprofit lay-group/Buddhist centre affiliated with Abhayagiri Monastery and the Thai Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah located in Portland, Oregon. They hosts a number of regular, weekly sitting and study groups, and act as a venue for visiting monastics to teach. PFoD was also instrumental in helping to establish the Pacific Hermitage. Since it's inception, PFoD has been a growing beacon of Dhamma in the Pacific Northwest, operating largely on a shoe-string budget.

Recently, however, PFoD had to move out of their long-time location because the building they've been renting space in for the last 8 years was sold. Currently, they're renting out space at the Dharma Rain Zen Center (DRZC). Unfortunately, this building is also being sold as the Zen Center is going to be moving into a newly constructed building at the beginning of 2014, and it seems there's already a prospective buyer (a neighbor) eager to swoop it up as we speak. The board of directors just wants it sold ASAP; but the abbot, Kyogen Carlson, would really like PFoD to purchase the property and keep it a dharma centre and is willing to fight to try and get the board to sell the property to the PFoD community. And PFoD does need a new (and more permanent) home. It seems like a match made in heaven. The only problem is, PFoD doesn't quite have the financial backing to attempt to make an offer or apply for mortgage at this point.

The PFoD community has been discussing the idea of purchasing the building for the last few weeks now, and with the news that another buyer is already in the running, they've decided that while it's a long shot, they shouldn't let this potential opportunity go by without at least making an attempt. As it stands, they have an extremely short window to raise enough monthly commitments (kind of like public radio's 'sustaining circle') and donations to go to the DRZC's board, make an offer, and try to make this beautiful space their new home.

To help them achieve this goal, they held a special daylong event today, attended by Ajahn Pasanno and the Pacific Hermitage monastics, to act as a kind of benefit and/or fundraiser to help solidify the level of financial support needed for PFoD events and to see if they can really make this seemingly perfect facility their new home. They've already got about 50% of what they estimate they'd need a month to make this work, as well as a few sizable contributions towards a down payment if they make it past the first hurdle, but they could use a lot more help. Obviously, this is mainly directed towards anyone in or near the Portland area who personally benefits (or could benefit) from having a space to practice in and a community to practice with; but I'm sure any support would be appreciated immensely.

If anyone reading this happens to feel inspired to donate anything they can, no matter how little, towards this cause, or would like more information about the specifics (e.g., finances, estimates, etc.), I urge you to contact PFoD ASAP.
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Re: Dana - suggested places to make donations

Post by Modus.Ponens »

Please give to Doctors Without Borders. They are battling, among many things, the ebola virus under very dificult and dangerous conditions. :heart:


PS: This started out to me mostly as personal preservation. Once I found out that as little as 20 US dollars can save 10 lives from malaria, for example, I felt like I had to give.
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Re: Dana - suggested places to make donations

Post by rowboat »

I believe that Arrow River Forest Hermitage, home of Ajahn Punnadhammo, is not very well supported. This is an excellent opportunity to offer dana.

Contact information/dana for Arrow River Forest Hermitage

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