Buddhist New Year’s Blessing sticker for 2014 / 2557

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Buddhist New Year’s Blessing sticker for 2014 / 2557

Post by Thitadhammo » Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:29 pm

Buddhist New Year’s Blessing sticker (free order) for 2014 / 2557


All people wish for themselves good fortune and blessings for the new year. When we frequently remember (anussati) the Awakened One (the Buddha), his Teaching (the Dhamma) and the Monastic Community of the Nobles (the Sangha) and thus increasingly realize their importance for us and our lives, the karmic result thereof can only again lead to good fortune and blessings. In order to assist all people to obtain this blessing for their life, the Buddhist Monastery of Freising has referred to the local German traditional blessings, based on this ancient tradition, designed a Buddhist house blessing for the new year. The monastery gives away this blessing free of charge in the form of a printed sticker to all people, either for their private usage or for the distribution to those who are dear to them. May the Triple Gem – the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha – offer protection to you all throughout the new year and assist you with advice and guidance in overcoming all difficulties and adversities!



is the new year according to the Buddhist calendar, equaling 2014 in the Christian tradition. Buddhists started to count from the passing away of the Buddha, who died at the age of 80. He awakened as a Buddha at the age of 35 and taught in India for 45 years.


The Dhamma Wheel (dhamma-chakka) symbolizes with its eight spokes the Noble Eightfold Path – the way taught by the Buddha to liberate oneself from all problems, starting from the small difficulties in daily life up to the great questions about our existence

B + D + S

The Triple Gem are taken as a refuge by Buddhists: Buddha (the Awakened One) + Dhamma (his teachings) + Sangha (the monastic order)

Traditional Christian version written in chalk http://de.academic.ru/pictures/dewiki/67/CMB_2008.jpg
http://www.oberpfalznetz.de/onetz/Media ... 0_tmb3.jpg
Christian version as sticker : http://novoe.de/images/stories/Straubin ... M-B-09.JPG
http://blog.hildwin.de/wp-content/uploa ... mb2013.png

Free order via post or e-mail
for private, non-commercial usage only

Buddhistische Gemeinschaft
Major-Braun-Weg 12
85354 Freising

E-Mail: info@dhamma.de


Buddhistische Gemeinschaft der Lehrnachfolger in Deutschland
Buddhist Association of Dhamma Followers in Germany
Bodhi Vihara in Freising, Germany
http://bodhi-vihara.org" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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