Dwelling network for Samanas, Bhikkhus and related seeker

Organisational work, teaching, Sunday school syllabus, charitable work, outreach, sharing of resources, artwork, etc.
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Dwelling network for Samanas, Bhikkhus and related seeker

Post by Hanzze » Tue Sep 25, 2012 11:13 am

Coming form the ideas of youth and ways to promote Dhamma to them and the best sample to lead a life like a Bhikkhu, I thought it would be maybe usefull to have something like a network of places where people who observe 10 and/or the whole Bhikkhu rules can rest for a while.

I guess it is not a secret that it is not easy (if not impossible) for a Bhikkhu to stay especial in cold areas for a longer time without violating the Vinaya or get to much involved out of more needed dependency of support. It would be not easy to maintain the freedom as it is required for additional development and maintaining of spiritual attainments if Bhikkhus are somehow caught in a network of specific supporters.

If there would be a good network where such people can lean on, it would maybe more possible to come in contact with such living samples.

In Buddhist countries, we often find places called "place to rest" which are allong streets. Asoka for example used to build such places for travellers, beggars on those who are somehow in an equal situation.
Some worldy samples could be network of globetrotters or youth hostel, but only in there raw intention as there is a great need to make it really different. Adventure people might missuse it to much otherwise.

Such a network could be maintained and provided by many Buddhist layman all around the world. Of course the basis work (for a web database for example) with all the requires and needed roles should be developed with somebody who is very well known in regard of Vinaya.

People could provide their possibilities (room, house, sangha, ambiance) according to their possibilities as the doors are not that open like for example in SEAsia. Also Monasteries could provide their possibilities as it is also not general usual to accept travelers.
Somehow as much as possible "without strings" would be a fundamental require of such a network.

One more point that speaks for such ways, is that massive Monastery building (like usual) will cause somehow the fear of conquering and missionary not to talk about the endless amount of mistakes and violations of Vinaya in regard of Monastery building. To give what somebody already owns and is able to share will be always secure of mistakes.

These are just some thought and maybe this topic give some inspiration for the Dana.

Maybe some of you will even find together here and start to develop such a Network and give Bhikkus and Ascetics the possibility for unblameable Dhammaduta and countless beings on some parts on earth to do not only have the possibility to make mertis but actually get in contact with those who remind us on the Arahant.
Just that! *smile*
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BUT! it is important to become a real Buddhist first. Like Punna did: Punna Sutta Nate sante baram sokham _()_

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