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Re: Swineflu reloaded

Post by Annapurna » Sat Mar 20, 2010 9:52 am

Hello, Cooran,

I'm glad you guyss didn't have any reactions, that speaks for the quality of your vaccine. As you say you don't have Squalene in the Vaccines in AUS, which finally answers my question.

But, although Squalene is indeed a substance wich occurs in nature, cosmetics, and so forth, it appears here in small quantities, which is BY FAR exceeded in an injection.

I forgot the exact numbers, but INJECTED, the body tends to be overwhelmed, and sees it as a potentially dangerous intruder. It begins to create antibodies.

Official studies I often don't swallow hook line and sinker anymore, my trust has been broken too many times. I know they feed us what we may know.

Think of Chernobyl.

The government told us back then that there is absolutely no danger for us, but how come Bavarian Minister President Franz Josef Strauss had the first 5 or 10 centimeters of his garden removed after the worst fall out was over? Because that was the safe and proper thing to do, but if he had said so, all people would have wanted to so as well, and then where to bring all this soil?

Oh, send it to Africa, and have them grow pineapples in it, which get imported to us, sprayed with the DDT, which is forbidden to use in the rich Western nations, but we can still produce it and sell it to the 3 rd world. Money money money mooooney....

There is a lot of weird stuff going on, and many of us have no idea. Myself included.

Be safe and well, my friends.


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