benefits of cow urine

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Re: benefits of cow urine

Post by markandeya » Mon Aug 20, 2018 8:50 am

That maybe so, as soon as anything goes into the commercial field it is in danger of being compromised, the same could be said of allopathic medicine and the huge profiteering from the pharmaceutical industries. There are heaps of negativity and damaging effects of allopathic methods, but most people are to brainwashed and dumbed down to accept. What we need is a balance and synthesis of modern and ancient.

In the true practice of Ayurveda no medicine was ever sold, the kaviraja would only accept a donation and would pick and prepare the medicine himself, they still exist in India. But apart from this Ayurveda is a complete way of life, not just about treating symptoms, and the diagnosis is through the individual as we all have unique systems, and to then build up the individuals immune and mental strength.

Even some of the commercial places are still better than many of the allopathic and people still live by this, but the power of the pharmaceutical industry is far greater than our historical methods of being in union naturally with nature.

The main way that Ayruveda is to be in union with Danvantari through developing the yoga system and raising of Kundalini and balancing the seven points chakras in the subtle conscious body where then by the power of awareness one becomes ones own doctor. Its extremely advanced holistic self supporting self governing system and compliance with the whole of nature and its surrounding based in sattva.

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