Does anyone here pratice raw vegan diet?

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Does anyone here pratice raw vegan diet?

Post by Strive4Karuna » Thu Feb 15, 2018 3:48 am

Does anyone have any tips on maintaining a raw vegan die? I did it for about a month or 3 weeks and my body never felt better. Eventually i caved in to my cravings and broke the diet. The end of my diet started with the "raw vegan sweets, dehydrated chips etc." and then it was all over.

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Re: Does anyone here pratice raw vegan diet?

Post by DNS » Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:35 am

My wife and I tried it a couple of times. We ate salads, raw vegetable juices, raw fruit and then even made some of the exotic vegan dehydrate recipes. They were very time consuming, making the dehydrate recipes. And then when we ate in social settings, it was virtually impossible to continue eating raw, so we ate some cooked vegan foods and cooked lacto-ovo vegetarian foods, which tasted much better, so we always ended up relapsing back to cooked foods.

In general though, I do agree that for the most part raw is healthier, just harder to do. I believe the science is confirmed for example that raw vegetable juice and raw fruit juice is much better than canned, pasteurized, from concentrate. The cooking process kills so many vitamins and nutrients. It doesn't kill them all apparently, but a large number of them. Since we know this is true, it stands to reason, cooking other vegetables and foods will do the same in an oven at high heat or on the stove top. Eating a stir-fry from a wok typically involves less cooking time, so may be the next best thing, keeping many of the nutrients.

However, I don't believe what some raw food fanatics claim; that there is absolutely no nutrition in cooked food. If that were the case, we wouldn't be seeing people living well into their 90s and beyond who never eat raw food.

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Re: Does anyone here pratice raw vegan diet?

Post by rightviewftw » Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:05 am

Ive also tried it a few times.
If you have a blender it makes things easier and will save you a lot of time.
A lot of nuts, oil and whole grains supplemented with salad, avocado, coconut, dried berries.

Actually not more expensive if the alternative is eating take-away or random tasty food.
It was very boring too and therefore good for training.

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