not sure if good or bad

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not sure if good or bad

Post by Dhammarakkhito » Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:08 am

i am having recurring blood pressure (bp) around 126/85, just a rough estimate, sometimes higher maybe a little lower
same time having pulse be in the 60s where it was in the 80s
other day it was in late 50s and felt intense déjà vu

so i have been told that pulse is a really athletic pulse, and before my bp was down to like 102/70 on some occasions. felt very nimble lightweight and active. i am a smoker and i take in quite a bit of caffeine. sometimes i feel good sometimes i feel just rusty and tired
today after i measured stats i just felt like light headed but if i took away the anxiety on examining that i don't think it was bad
that déjà vu i have had before, it lasts longer than regular déjà vu and if im analyzing it properly it is like multiple déjà vus overlapping. i was eager to make a big deal out of it but i ended up keeping it to myself because i perceived it as unbeneficial and insignificant
i have a worrying problem
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