Why one meal a day?

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Re: Why one meal a day?

Post by DNS » Thu May 10, 2018 5:13 am

Pretty good video on one meal a day program:

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Re: Why one meal a day?

Post by salayatananirodha » Tue May 21, 2019 3:21 pm

16. 'In what has the world originated?' — so said the Yakkha Hemavata, — 'with what is the world intimate? by what is the world afflicted, after having grasped at what?' (167)

17. 'In six the world has originated, O Hemavata,' — so said Bhagavat, — 'with six it is intimate, by six the world is afflicted, after having grasped at six.' (168)

- Hemavatasutta

http://seeingthroughthenet.net/wp-conte ... _Heart.pdf

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Re: Why one meal a day?

Post by auto » Wed May 22, 2019 2:25 pm

How do you know you eat one meal a day?

Answers like what you need not to chew counts as not a meal, snacks like fruits, chocolate doesn't count as meal adds to confusion.

About the notion of eating so much as you feel full:
if i don't get the fulness feeling then does it counts as a meal? if i eat only a little so it takes away the hunger feeling maybe like 250 calories but i don't get full, does it count as a meal?

if i have access to food and my eating doesn't disturb anyone i am alone, why i can't eat the amount of food what is decent size meal in 8 portions in separate times of day?


is it a rule how to behave as a group? otherwise there would be no order but constant asking for food, its better to use one meal rule..OR is there spiritual aspect to it then what it is?

i think the one meal per day and the time of day is for to guide large amount of people, dealing with more people than 10 or 20 group mentality changes and you need basic regulations.

to me its like talking with someone who thinks he needs to sit full lotus position and if you can't do it you don't get the states of mind or something.
I see some actually consider biological body and its limits and not everyone is capable and some are very capable because of biological body is capable. I mean yes full lotus is best i believe but it takes me 10 years to grow longer ligaments..but first i need figure out how to grow them longer..oh yeah i need regularly break them so the new parts grow longer bit by bit..haha forget it i have better things to do i have put my dibbs on other things.

i'm aware that there is budhist text what say that low heaven devas or their messengers come check people in certain days if they follow sabbath days etc. But this is different from this matter i think.

i have much more questions and considerations. Like with meat eating, i did it when i saw the reason why i should stop eating meat and i can describe it why, but can people who do one meal a day describe why they do it? and aren't they do it too sooooon, in my case i certainly can't do it and by the sensitivity i possess i assume those who do it possess much higer discernment, therefore i demand reasons...but as the above list its just rich people comparing their car collection.

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Re: Why one meal a day?

Post by hiri » Sat May 25, 2019 2:25 pm

I'm eating my only meal at about 6pm. Until then I just drink water and unsweetened tea, sometimes I drink a glass of juice later in the evening. This way I feel fit all day, I can manage my weight easier, I don't have to care about eating several times a day, and it saves time and money. Once you are used to it, and you experienced that it works, it isn't hard at all.

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Re: Why one meal a day?

Post by auto » Sun May 26, 2019 3:31 pm

‘He eats in one part of the day, abstaining from eating at night and food at the wrong time.’
‘Ekabhattiko samaṇo gotamo rattūparato virato vikālabhojanā ….

some things you can do only once per day what then is reset by sleeping.

it might not mean a single eating moment like one meal.


vikālaPTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Vikāla,[vi+kāla] “wrong time,” i.e.not the proper time,which usually means “afternoon” or “evening
there is much room for interpretations.

just eating one meal a day and expect you bring benefit or something, gain results, or becase its translated that way and monasteries do it on their own accord??

the reason is,
Such is an ordinary person’s praise of the Realized One.
iti vā hi, bhikkhave, puthujjano tathāgatassa vaṇṇaṃ vadamāno vadeyya.

taking that into account, the picture is different. The one meal per day challenge may be off topic.

also sabbath days hmm, it is complicated. Since there are day or half day where you can eat as much you can but don't get full or energized..

other words the food you eat is not always based on same reasons. If you eat a lot and many times it won't count on that beyond or different circle what counts as one meal per day circle.

so a low heaven messenger comes on sabbath day and see some eat and think "oh what they don't know about sabbath days ahh bad discernment"..

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Re: Why one meal a day?

Post by auto » Wed May 29, 2019 3:28 pm

“Sir, for how many reasons did the Realized One lay down training rules for his disciples and recite the monastic code?” “kati nu kho, bhante, atthavase paṭicca tathāgatena sāvakānaṃ sikkhāpadaṃ paññattaṃ, pātimokkhaṃ uddiṭṭhan”ti?

“Upāli, the Realized One laid down training rules for his disciples and recited the monastic code for ten reasons. “Dasa kho, upāli, atthavase paṭicca tathāgatena sāvakānaṃ sikkhāpadaṃ paññattaṃ, pātimokkhaṃ uddiṭṭhaṃ.
What ten? Katame dasa?
For the well-being of the Saṅgha and for the comfort of the Saṅgha. For keeping difficult persons in check and for the comfort of good-hearted mendicants. For restraining defilements that affect the present life and protecting against defilements that affect lives to come. For inspiring confidence in those without it, and increasing confidence in those who have it. For the continuation of the true teaching and the support of the training.
Saṅghasuṭṭhutāya, saṅghaphāsutāya, dummaṅkūnaṃ puggalānaṃ niggahāya, pesalānaṃ bhikkhūnaṃ phāsuvihārāya, diṭṭhadhammikānaṃ āsavānaṃ saṃvarāya, samparāyikānaṃ āsavānaṃ paṭighātāya, appasannānaṃ pasādāya, pasannānaṃ bhiyyobhāvāya, saddhammaṭṭhitiyā, vinayānuggahāya—

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Re: Why one meal a day?

Post by DNS » Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:05 am

Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter is another fan of one meal a day.

https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/08/twitter ... abits.html

His 11 wellness habits include:

Meditating twice a day.
Eating one meal per day on weekdays.
Fasting all weekend.

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Re: Why one meal a day?

Post by Panny654 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:18 pm

Since it appears to be inconsequential, and I see no inborn goodness in it.

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Re: Why one meal a day?

Post by 2600htz » Fri Jan 31, 2020 9:46 pm


Iv been trying once meal a day for like 2 weeks, going well, the goal is six months. What i have noticed is:

100% sure

-Weight loss
-Fat loss

70% sure

-I suffer tennis elbow, but the pain in the joint is going a looot better, it seems my recovery time went from like 3 days to 1 day, playing 3-4 times a week, and the pain is manageable, not like before. This was amazing.

-something unexpected: pretty sure some acne i had in the back got WORST, probably some detox. Hope it gets better.

-Even mood and energy during the whole day. This one is the deeper one. Usually my mornings where great, mid day not so much, and after 7pm felt my body drained of energy, strong cravings, heavy/stiff body. Now the night is a lot more pleasant, there is not strong dislike at that time, and im waking up 1 hr early every morning without any effort.


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