getting my water from rice or pasta ?

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Re: getting my water from rice or pasta ?

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This is the big problem by sharing the exact problem - it has it advantages but this thread it didnt show any usually it dosnt

a few points -

1 - my dog has fresh water all the time ! but i want just to give her water maybe half an hour before the walk - each day i walk her 8 times !! thats plus the 1 liter of water she might get from the food

2 - i go to the vet many times

3- no decision is made based on this thread alone just wanted to gain some knowledge - even to go ask the vet about it would be helpful with some pre-known knowledge from my behalf -

(though the 2 vets next to me usually knows less then i do about my dog and did some mistakes which i thought were mistakes and found out im correct)

like i said there are many many many factors in this i didnt mention even 1/10 of it - belive me i care for my dog a lot - she has lots of problems - i went to many different vets - it would be very complicated and i might say not possible for me to explain every detail - but i wouldnt do anything radical - it will be nice to get some knowledge from this thread even though it does seem like this thread is lost shamefully

So it would be a great help to me/my dog/whatever situation that you can help me with this question - and of course i would ask in other places but it would be nice to get some knowledge from here - and again the situation is VERY complicated and its not like you would tell me yeah food absorbs water can be counted as somesource of water - and tomorrow my dog wont get water - most chaces are that my dog gets to much water and there are many reasons why she would drink more than she needs - so would just be helpful to get extra info and opinions about the question

this is also not only about her water intake but about many other issues - like should i take her out for a walk if she didnt drink at all since the last walk but ate lots of food

its always good to recommend a dr in health forum threads - even more important to advice to see a vet when there is an animal involved - but not in this case
Please send merit to my dog named Mika who has passed away - thanks in advance

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