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Re: Ciggarettes

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ShanYin wrote: Any tips on how to quit smoking?
Smoking is a reliable way to feel pain

And something wants pain

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Re: Ciggarettes

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I seem to have alot of sensual desires and it seems to be mixed with desire to relax my mind. It is a craving cycle that never satisfies. I just ran out of ciggarettes now so I am going to try to stop (quit). :tantrum:

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Re: Ciggarettes

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Hello Shan Yin,
I don't know if this will be of any use since it is a personal idiosyncratic way in which I managed to keep off the smokes.
I used to work a job that was seemingly more easily done with coffee and cigarettes on hand. But I had another life in which I would take time off to do meditation retreats, during which I did not smoke.
I came around to a way of thinking about smoking that might not be scientifically accurate, but it felt right to me. I think that smoking provides a feeling of relaxation and fullness of the lungs, which is deceptive. This feeling is perhaps most clearly felt with the first cigarette of the day. Whoosh!
But what is maybe happening is that the actual capacity of the lung is being reduced by the smoking. There is, in a sense, a false floor to the lung. When the first inhalation of smoke hits it then one feels as though one is breathing deeply... but in fact one is not really breathing deep down into the depths. As I said this is probably not scientific.
I also have the view that traumas etc. are somehow locked into the deeper parts of our body image; and that these are not accessible without strong concentration. They are felt as blocks in the body, or, to use another image, knots in the breath (breath body).
Since I had an interest in releasing these blocks I had to come into contact with them... i.e. to breathe more fully and freely. So I had to quit smoking.
It's not easy, of course; but when I made the connection with the motivation to meditation practice then it was possible.
Someone already posted that one should also quit drinking if one also drinks. I had quit drinking years before I quit smoking; and I have to say it was easier to drop the booze than the smokes.
24 years since the last cigarette, and I am still trying to loosen the knots in the breath. So I can't say that my theory has been proven to be accurate (yet). But I'm pretty sure that if I still smoked then I would have dropped the practice long ago.
Anyway, good luck with the quitting, and with your practice.
Atāṇo loko anabhissaro...

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