Amazing drop in BP by visualizing Buddha & chanting 'Budho'

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Amazing drop in BP by visualizing Buddha & chanting 'Budho'

Post by manas »

I have chronically high blood pressure, am taking medication for it, and have made many dietary changes to heal it. Nevertheless, it's still too high most days. Anyway, I was at the chemist getting something, and I used their blood pressure machine. The first reading was quite high, I'd rather not say by how much, but it wasn't good. I tried again, as always with closed eyes, and relaxing my body as the machine did it's job, but this time I also visualized the Buddha standing before me, and I mentally chanted 'Budho', with the intention of lowering my blood pressure. I was amazed to find my blood pressure was 30 points lower, than the reading just a few minutes before. Even allowing for a margin of error, I could still hardly believe it. The rational explanation, of course, is that such an image and such chanting, would calm the mind of a Buddhist, and it was that calming of the mind that had the effect on my BP, but still...I felt a measure of delight after the experience. I'm going to integrate this into some kind of daily practice, perhaps as a way to enter into breath meditation. Just wanted to share this uplifting bit of news about the power of the mind and positive intention.
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Re: Amazing drop in BP by visualizing Buddha & chanting 'Budho'

Post by santa100 »

I could still hardly believe it.
Should be no surprise though. I used to work for a really nasty boss. Everytime his image appeared in my mind, it made my blood boil. Pretty sure if I measured my BP right there, the number would be off the roof. On the other hand, the Buddha was truly the best boss for all of us out there. If one recalls this good boss frequently, it sure will bring much benefits to his/her well-being. May the Buddha be with you!

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Re: Amazing drop in BP by visualizing Buddha & chanting 'Budho'

Post by dharmacorps »

I don't doubt while in some degree of meditation, you can lower your BP. But because high BP can cause so much disease, its best to get it medically monitored and not trust that your meditation alone can "treat" it.

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Re: Amazing drop in BP by visualizing Buddha & chanting 'Budho'

Post by JohnK »

I may have mentioned this on DW before.
I was in a hospital room hooked up to a bunch of monitors while waiting to be wheeled into a room for some tests.
While waiting, I decided to meditate. An alarm went off on one of the monitors and a nurse came in to be sure I was okay.
I don't know what measurement was dipping below a caution point. This happened three times I think before I decided to stop meditating and stop disturbing the nurse.
Seems like I hear of such things, but first-hand experience makes the reality of it hit home -- experiential knowing.
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Re: Amazing drop in BP by visualizing Buddha & chanting 'Budho'

Post by sentinel »

Beware , Bp acceleration could damaged the kidneys and stroke result in paralysis .
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Re: Amazing drop in BP by visualizing Buddha & chanting 'Budho'

Post by Bhikkhu Pesala »

Blood Pressure tests should be done when relaxed. It is recommended to sit and rest for five minutes before starting the test. Test both arms. For more accurate results, test twice and average the readings.

Blood Pressure varies throughout the day. It will be lower in the morning after a good rest, but higher at the end of the day.

If your Blood Pressure is higher than 140/90 then see your GP and take some medicine. Don't rely only on meditation.

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