Important Question : temporary uposatha hall

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Important Question : temporary uposatha hall

Post by Dhammakamo » Sat Oct 01, 2011 2:40 am

Hi friends

I was tasked upon by my teacher to recite a formula during our Kathina Ceremony to transform our vihara into an Uposatha Hall for a day. I would be glad if anyone can provide me with the original Pali text with english translations as the romanized text I have with me is what I translated directly from Thai itself.

It goes (note that it may not be the actual spelling):
Sunatu me bhante sangho, yati sanghassa pattakallam. Sangho imam viharam uposatha garam samman neyya esa yathi.

Sunatu me bhante sangho, sangho imam viharam uposatha garam samman nati, yassa yassa mato kamati. Imas sa viharassa uposatha kharassa sammati. Sodun hassa, yassa nagga kamati, so bhaseya.

Samma to sanghena, ayam viharo uposatha garo kammati sanghassa; tassa matunhi, evamme dang dharayami.

Great help is appreciated.
With metta
Dhammakamo Bhikkhu
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