seeing ordination

Discussion of ordination, the Vinaya and monastic life. How and where to ordain? Bhikkhuni ordination etc.
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seeing ordination

Post by selam » Sun Apr 17, 2011 11:49 am

Hail to Elders and Friend!

I have acquainted with Buddha Teaching with joy, Honestly I am not the only one, who initiated to develop the right view after such acquaintance and I am not seeking different solution than to overcome my wrong livelihood .
Elders and Friend, My desire to the world way of living has been loosed while I was with wrong view and Now I have resolved to be ordain to develop the arisen view and to trod on eight fold path.
Since I live in Ethiopia and it is difficult to have necessary information from embassy regarding such issue I request your advice regarding which country(with Buddhist Monastery) willfully allow to give visa for those who seek ordination living in Ethiopia?

May all those who seek Guidance see the Light!

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