Discussion of ordination, the Vinaya and monastic life. How and where to ordain? Bhikkhuni ordination etc.
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Post by GrahamR »

Dear all

I have read different things about this.

Can anyone confirm how often a monk or nun can de-robe and then retake their vows please?

With metta :bow:

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Re: De-robing

Post by Cittasanto »

I have heard two conflicting things here!

the total of 7 times is apparantly a Thai thing, and there is no limit as to the number of times, this is according to a former monk ordained in burma twice.
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Re: De-robing

Post by Kim OHara »

The usual term is 'disrobing' rather than 'de-robing'. A search for that term may get you lots more hits.

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Re: De-robing

Post by Vepacitta »

I remember reading some time ago that Bhikkuni's couldn't disrobe and then re-ordain - that's only for Bhikkhu's.

You'd have to read the Vinaya to be sure though.

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Re: De-robing

Post by Paññāsikhara »

My meagre understanding is that the "seven times for bhikkhus" is in the Vinaya, which is based on an actual case example during the Buddha's time.

Now, for the bhikkhunis, there was no such historical case example for their Vinaya. However, it has become the assumed and default understanding that this means they only have one opportunity. Even though there is apparently no actual explicit statement either way for the bhikkhunis from the Teacher Himself.

(Though I'm very open to evidence to the contrary from the learned.)
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Re: De-robing

Post by suanck »


In reality, I have never met any monk or nun who had disrobed and re-ordained more than twice in their lives (except the traditional "temporary ordinations" of male Buddhists as seen in Southeast Asia). Have you?


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