is a monk allowed to request a ride

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is a monk allowed to request a ride

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i saw a monk post on facebook looking for a ride, is that allowed
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Re: is a monk allowed to request a ride

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Well if by "allowed" you mean a rule, then it's fine. I see no real breach in any rule if a monastic is putting it out there that they are in need of a ride, especially if they are not asking a specific person who has not offered aid first, there is no expectations of someone HAVING to do it, it's just an opportunity for people to take up if they wish.

What would be worse and closer to a rule breach is if someone offers a bus ticket and they want a train, or a plane ticket and the monk asks to upgrade to first class, there are a few rules like that where greedy monks asked for too much.

I remember when I first started traveling to lead retreats and talks, I asked one of the senior monastics who I lived with, who regularly travels the world teaching, about the "legality" of asking for a ride, he said " of course, how can anyone know you need to get somewhere if you do not make it known?" I've had to do that a bunch of times since, or essentially be stranded.

Monks typically dont just go galavanting around, they mostly leave when invited to teach, or to go to the doctor or something of that sort. Traditionally the group inviting the monastic pays for all transport, although sometimes you may be in a situation like I am where the biggest trouble I have getting transport is between the airport and the monastery. I have a group of 4-5+ people I always ask first(and who've transported me many times and have offered for me to ask them as needed in the future) before I'd have to make it more widely known that I need a ride.

the "rule" is that monastics aren't allowed to ride in vehicles.. period, unless sick(it was seen as too fancy to ride about, most folk walked). So that is one rule that has been near universally abandoned in modern day with monks who are invited places to teach or have to go to various places. Heck these days there are many monks who drive(no rule on not driving, I think its assumed you cannot drive if you can't ride in a vehicle to begin with) and I've seen one or two who have their "own" car.
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