My first monastic Carika/Tudong

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My first monastic Carika/Tudong

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A few weeks ago in early July I did my first Carika/Tudong, I don't think I need to explain what that is on this particular forum. I documented my journey on my blog, complete with pictures and video, both for myself to learn from my experience, and for anyone else who may be interested in doing a wandering in the west.

Any monastics who have experience doing this, I would gladly accept any feedback of what I did right and wrong, and any advice for when I go out and do it again.

Thank you and here is the link :

Bhikkhu Jayasāra - and
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Sam Vara
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Re: My first monastic Carika/Tudong

Post by Sam Vara »

Many thanks for the blog post, Bhante. I read it with interest - it's really engaging, and the experience of being worn down by the little things is one we can all identify with.

Would the rules relating to medicines allow you to carry electrolyte powder?

Look after yourself, and good luck with the next one. :anjali:
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Re: My first monastic Carika/Tudong

Post by SarathW »

It is brave and great to attempt a Tudong in a place where people are not aware of this type of monks.
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Re: My first monastic Carika/Tudong

Post by Eraka »

Thank you for sharing the play-by-play on your "bow legged loose sandal crab-style walk"! :heart:

Difficulties included, it was an uplifting and inspiring story :) Thank you for the depths of your renunciation!
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Re: My first monastic Carika/Tudong

Post by MissGredelin »

This made my day. Sometimes as a lay practicioner you just need to hear the stories that make you understand just how important your practice could be. I wish I could have been there with some more food and some oral rehydration supplements.

With metta

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