Giving parents time to accept ordination

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Giving parents time to accept ordination

Post by Yong Fa » Sun Jan 01, 2017 1:49 am


Is there any canonical precedence for a young man planning to ordain to give his parents time to accept his decision?

I am 23 and still live with my parents because I am a student, and I am planning to stay a layman for a few years so I can acquire employment and move out on my own. I hope that this will put some distance between my parents and me, and also make it easier for them to accept my ordination because I didn't simply have them pay my very expensive college tuition in total vain. I have also heard that Ven. Jinasiri, the wandering Chinese-Australian monk, did the same, and am curious if you would know anything more about this.

I have yet to stay at any monasteries and would nonetheless be put on a waiting list after having visited, so I will likely need to wait a few years before ordaining, but this is nonetheless a question I would like to investigate.

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