How do monks shave?

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Re: How do monks shave?

Post by Cittasanto » Sun Mar 03, 2013 11:41 am

Coyote wrote:
Cittasanto wrote: The electric razor isn't allowed as it cuts like scisors. but they can use a mirror, just not stare at themselves like Narcissus, so a mirror for practical purposes is allowed but not to be over used.
Thanissaro's Buddhist Monastic Code says this:

"One should not gaze at the reflection of one's face in a mirror or in a bowl of water. Whoever should do so: an offense of wrong doing"... "I allow that, on account of a disease, one gaze at the reflection of one's face in a mirror or in a bowl of water." — Cv.V.2.4

Do you know of another explanation that allows for practical use, or is this based on your experience with monks?

That is the one I had in mind so no no other part I know of allows for practical use just as no other part disallows to my knowledge. Although I will have a look at the surrounding rules which may have something.
Edit - Just looked and nothing jumps out in surrounding passages and a not points to a Bhikkhuni rule that is in-part about being a hair-dresser not being allowed.
but it is also how I have practised it in a setting with Bhikkhus.
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