ordination with difficulty in meditation

Discussion of ordination, the Vinaya and monastic life. How and where to ordain? Bhikkhuni ordination etc.
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ordination with difficulty in meditation

Postby kamui » Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:55 pm

i been thinking about ordaining for over 3 years now and its been my life goal since then.now theres nothing holding me back(no debt,have enough money..) except for my meditation practice.i am meditating every day no matter what but i have the feeling that i haven't improved at all and even got worse(i used to meditate 1 hour every day and now its 40min except on weekends when i do 1h and sometimes its 30min on regular days) and my concentration got worse.some days it just very hard and i have no energy and try to meditate but end up sitting in pain with no concentration wishing it would be over already.after days like that i get discouraged and think to myself how can i become a monk if cant even sit for half an hour.
so my question is if i ordain will this be a problem? do i need to improve my meditation first or can i ordain like this and hope for improvement in
monastic environment with a teacher.
thank you

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Re: ordination with difficulty in meditation

Postby David N. Snyder » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:01 pm

What kind of posture are you doing for sitting meditation? If there is too much pain, you could try a different posture. You don't need to be an expert before ordaining, but it is a good idea to make sure the monastic life would be okay for you, perhaps by visiting the place you'd like to ordain, talking to the abbot, seeing the schedule and formats used.

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Re: ordination with difficulty in meditation

Postby kamui » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:21 pm

half lotus,its not always painful but on some days its the neck and shoulders on others its something with the legs(but on most days its okay).

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Re: ordination with difficulty in meditation

Postby ryanM » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:27 pm

Since you're serious, I'd suggest living at a monastery for a period of time on 8 precepts and see what that's like. Most western monasteries will have you do that before you can even ordain with 10 precepts.

Being a monk and getting enlightened is certainly an ideal for many serious practitioners, but we may just not be ready for that step. What's there to gain from being in the robes? It can be a cause of intense suffering if we aren't ready/suited for it. Maybe you're familiar with an argument that if you can die for your country at 18, why shouldn't you be able to drink alcohol? Well, maybe they should increase the age requirement for joining the military? I've never heard that one before, but it's probably the more sensible argument *sigh* I think that points to knowing what's appropriate for yourself. It can be difficult to have a good perspective on things we're passionate about. "Am I trying too hard?"

Hopefully, one day, you can realize your dream of becoming a monk. Especially a well-contented one.


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Re: ordination with difficulty in meditation

Postby R1111 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:11 pm

Sadhu for your aspiration!
I advice you not to worry about the faculties at all ie state of concetration. It's not something that is constant, it will fluctuate. The Buddha said mind changes incredibly fast. Just try not to feed the worry and doubt, let it come up and cease, its conditioned phenomena let it run it's course.
At monastety you can daily contemplate death & the body as well as engaging in discussions about the Dhamma. The Brahmaviharas are a pleasant abiding that is relatively easy to develope. When practise is developed gradually like this it will lead to a state where one will have alot of energy, motivation and effort to step it up and develope Samadhi and Insight as well as alot of happiness and a pleasant abiding in the here and now.

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