Vimutti magga all 38 meditation subjects

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Vimutti magga all 38 meditation subjects

Post by frank k » Tue Feb 04, 2020 5:34 pm ... utti.html

All 38 meditation subjects of the Vimutti magga, and the 6 higher knowledges
If you really want to understand how vitakka, rupa, kaya, got corrupted by Vism. and late Abhidhamma, Vimuttimagga makes it very clear. (Vimt. uses an earlier version of abhidhamma, has 38 meditation subjects, and is clearly the basis for Vism.).

I've added copious hyperlink bookmarks for all of these meditation subjects so you can quickly find the part where they use those key terms (vitakka, kaya, jhana, etc) and see how they work. Breath meditation, metta, brahmaviharas for example, in the EBT, early abhidhamma, and Vimt., you do the 4 jhanas simultaneously/concurrently with those meditation. In Vism., you only use those meditation subjects as a means to enter a redefined 'jhana', which is really a frozen state where cetana, will, choice, ability to examine and understand is suspended until one emerges from frozen state.

The 31 body parts, under kayagata, is especially illuminating, because it only goes up to first jhana, so you can see what vitakka is doing in there, and also how vitakka has to be coherent and connected to vaci-sankhara (speech co-activity). : ☸🐘 STED definitions 🎙️🔊Audio Tales in Pāli: ☸Dharma and Vinaya in many languages

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