help complete list of references to maraṇa-s-sati , death-remembering

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help complete list of references to maraṇa-s-sati , death-remembering

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excerpt: (link contains full list of sutta ref passages collected thus far)

All EBT sutta references to maraṇa-s-sati 💀, death-remembering
AN 6.19 and AN 6.20 are really the only two suttas that fully explain the practice of maraṇa-s-sati, and use that name maraṇa-s-sati explicitly. The practice itself though, is a frequent theme in the suttas, but it's not easy to identify and track them all since they're referred to tangentially or indirectly, often not having the word marana anywhere in there at all in those passages.

So here I set out to gather all of those references. Help me complete the collection.

maraṇa-s-sati 💀 = death-remembering
‘appamattā viharissāma, tikkhaṃ maraṇassatiṃ bhāvessāma āsavānaṃ khayāyā’ti. (AN 6.19)1. Never forget, remembering to assiduously practice ☸Dharma for arahantship every moment, giving it everything you got, for the time it takes for one breath, or the time it takes to eat one mouthful of food. If you get sidetracked or forget to be assiduous (ap-pamāda), the Buddha calls that negligence (pamāda). (AN 6.19).
2. Remembering, not forgetting that fatal accidents can strike at any moment, so practice the ☸Dharma assiduously every moment. Doing this correctly, will activate the 7sb☀️ sequence producing virtuous-mirth (mudita/pamojja) and rapture (pīti). (AN 6.20). : ☸🐘 STED definitions 🎙️🔊Audio Tales in Pāli: ☸Dharma and Vinaya in many languages

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