MN 138 upekkha-sukha error in pali CST4 source, corrected.

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MN 138 upekkha-sukha error in pali CST4 source, corrected.

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How can we be sure it's wrong?
1. Compare to the other 4 jhanas. They're all referring to being stuck to a physical sensation, a coarser physical sensation compared to the more refined one in the next jhana.

2. In all 4 jhanas elucidated by Mahakaccana in MN 138, they're all using an explicit phrase from the STED standard EBT jhana formula. Look in the STED 3rd jhana, there is no 'upekkha-sukha'. There is upekkha, an independent equanimous-observation factor, and there's an indepdent sukha, which is explicitly qualified as 'sukham ca kayena patisamvedeti' (pleasure experienced by the body). There is no justification to entwine two independent factors and make them dependent on each other, except if there's an agenda that the late Theravada has, to redefine jhana as as pure samatha practice divorced from vipassana.

3. Look at the fourth jhana. If upekkha was also mentioned here along with, or instead of the 'adukkhamasukham', as the factor that one 'gets stuck in', then you could make the case 3rd jhana the upekkha-sukha might be entwined as well.

4. compare to MN 111, look at the third jhana there. upekkha and sukha are not entangled, they're independent factors (in Burmese CST 4). If you compare CST to the Thai sutta, which mentions upekkha twice, even in there the 2nd upekkha is not entwined with sukha. : ☸🐘 STED definitions 🎙️🔊Audio Tales in Pāli: ☸Dharma and Vinaya in many languages

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Re: MN 138 upekkha-sukha error in pali CST4 source, corrected.

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equanimous - poised, self-possessed, collected, self-contained, self-collected

[it is the feeling(physical, sensual) what is felt with the body, what makes you equanimous(heart, cetasika)] = bhavaṅga
The gratification of the equanimity is what produces sukha what is felt by you(head, satta) that sukha is extracted from the salayatanas through a contact(patisamvedeti)

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