Greek Kings in Asoka’s Inscriptions

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Greek Kings in Asoka’s Inscriptions

Post by A. Bhikkhu » Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:20 am

Dear Community,
the question as to the date of the Buddha’s nibbāna was often tried to be answered with the help of the anchor date of king Asoka’s coronation, which was amended against Sinhalese tradition to around 268 B.C., in favor of the Greek sources, which show a certain synchronism with the Greek kings mentioned in Asoka’s edicts. Accordingly the mentioned date was moved to around 60 years later. I just got the impression that these Greek sources were trusted perhaps too easily.

Can you recommend and/or reference to any research material (books, articles, essays, reviews, online discussions etc.) regarding the reliability of the dating of these Greek kings mentioned by Asoka and their identification? Did you ever undertake some research in that direction yourself? Any conclusions reached? Thank you very much.

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