Text designed 4 Mixed Sangha- how much do we share?

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Text designed 4 Mixed Sangha- how much do we share?

Post by l_rivers » Mon Mar 10, 2014 6:32 pm

Abhidharmsamuccaya e-book

Modern research shows when actually examined, (not by later explaination) this text was designed for a mixed sangha, not even promoting especially Yogacara ideas and when they appear, not always in the most developed form. I am interested in how this audience would respond to these materials.

http://lirs.ru/lib/Abhidharmasamuccaya, ... b,2001.pdf

The Abhidharmsamuccaya, an introductory abhidharma of the combined vehicle of the sravaka and the mahayana presented with an eye to also orienting mixed sanghas to some rudamentary yogacara views.

The first chapter on the charactoristics and the 4 noble truths may have been adapted from two seprate earlier works with the last chapters being composed as topical. The whole work seems to re-iterate the Yogacarabhumi's literary creation. It might be concidered a Cliff's Notes for the YBh Sastra as an Encyclopedia.

Downloadable pdf :buddha1:
http://lirs.ru/lib/Abhidharmasamuccaya, ... b,2001.pdf :buddha2:

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