Prenatal Dependent Origination?

Textual analysis and comparative discussion on early Buddhist sects and texts.
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Prenatal Dependent Origination?

Post by vinasp » Thu Jun 14, 2012 9:20 pm

Hi everyone,

While researching Dependent Origination I stumbled across an interesting
article/paper by Eisel Mazard:

Discarding Dependent Origination, Returning to the Primary Source of the
12-Links in Theravada Buddhism, 2011. ... doctrines/" onclick=";return false;

His conclusion:

"My conclusion is, simply, that the 12-links formula is unambiguously an ancient tract that was originally written on the subject of the conception and development of the embryo, as a sequence of stages prior to birth; in examining the primary source text, this is as blatant today as it was over two thousand years ago, despite some very interesting misinterpretations that have arisen in the centuries in-between."

Regards, Vincent.

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