Martin Schøyen offers Gandhari texts to Thai government

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Martin Schøyen offers Gandhari texts to Thai government

Post by gavesako » Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:53 pm

According to this article in a Thai newspaper, the Norwegian businessman and ancient manuscripts collector Martin Schøyen is going to offer his collection of ancient Gandhari texts from Pakistan and Afghanistan "2500 years old" to the Thai government to be kept at Wat Saket, because he regards Thailand as a strong Buddhist country that can keep these manuscripts safe.

Schøyen Collection

In conclusion, the Schøyen Collection has a responsibility for the safekeeping of manuscripts that have survived up to 5000 years, and wishes these manuscripts at least an equally long life in the future, with full access for scholars and others with a valid interest in their study and preservation, irrespective of nationality, race or religion. Nation-states that come and go with the ebb and flow of history – and the organisations under the control of nation-states - are not the only qualified keepers of world heritage artefacts. The qualifications for stewardship of important cultural relics must include:

social and political stability to ensure long-term safety of the artefacts
technical ability to preserve and conserve
access for study, research and appropriate public viewing
commitment to preservation and access, regardless of nationality, race or religion ... collection

Norway delivers ancient Tipitaka to Thailand
A 2,000-year-old Tipitaka has been presented to the Kingdom of Thailand by the Conservation Institute of Schoyen from Norway, National News Bureau of Thailand (NNT) said today.
NNT said the Tipitaka was enshrined at Wat Saket in Bangkok last night, with Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office Omsin Chiwaphruek chairing the ceremony.
Also attending the event were Norwegian ambassador to Thailand Kjetil Paulsen, the abbot of Wat Saket, and representatives of the Conservation Institute of Schoyen.
National Office of Buddhism Director Phanom Sornsin explained that the Tipitaka whose content was written on palm leaves was discovered on the mountains of Bamiyan in Afghanistan by the Conservation Institute.
The director also disclosed that the Norwegian institute purchased the relic from a British merchant and decided to hand it over to Thailand, in order to tighten the bond between the two nations as well as preserve Buddhism. ... -thailand/

They have created an artificial Bamiyan cave at Wat Saket and will put the Gandhari text fragment there for display: ... 4944846520

มอบคัมภีร์พุทธ ๒,๕๐๐ ปีบาบิยันให้วัดสระเกศถาวร

See ... ran-ms.htm
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