The Buddhamas Carol - Merry Christmas Dhamma Wheel !

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The Buddhamas Carol - Merry Christmas Dhamma Wheel !

Post by Lucas Oliveira » Sat Dec 24, 2016 1:19 am

The Buddhamas Carol

Dear Dhamma friends,

I wish you all a Merry but Mindful Holiday season with Compassion and Metta for all those suffering at the hands and minds of Greed, Hate, and Delusion.
I repost this link to the, Song of Meditation, for your reminder and reflection:

Here are the Lyrics:

Ode of a Vipassana Yogi
(Composed by Bhante Yogavacara Rahula)

Silent Night, Peaceful Night,
All is calm, Stars are bright,
Round the hall Yogis sitting still,
Keeping their backs straight, exerting will,
Enduring pain without any ill-will,
Pervading Metta all throughout space,
Wishing good-will to the whole human race.

Silent Mind, Peaceful Mind,
Thoughts are few, pain is slight,
Focusing mind at the tip of the nose,
Knowing each breath as it comes and it goes,
Perceiving the light that steadily glows,
Feeling the rapture from head to the toes.

Silent Mind, Tranquil Mind,
Thoughts are stilled, Body is light,
All the Five Hindrances have died down,
The Ego no longer is spinning around,
Mind is one-pointed not moving a bit,
Enjoying at long last the Jhanic Bliss.
Sitting in Rapturous Joy,
Sitting in Rapturous Joy.

Silent Mind, focused Mind,
All is calm, Mind is bright
The Spiritual Faculties are prepared,
Vipassana-Insight has Mara scared,
Scanning the body from head to the toes,

Anicca, Anicca, each moment goes,
Anicca, Anicca, Impermanence shows.

The Five Aggregates appear empty as foam,
The Truth of No-Self is easily known.

Silent Mind, Wisdom Mind,
Awareness is strong, Wisdom is fine,
The six sense-impingements arise and pass,
No desire, no clinging, no ego to grasp,
No holding to present, future or past,
Mara has vanished he’s took his last gasp,
This body-mind house is empty at last,
Sitting and walking the whole night through,
Greeting the dawn completely anew.

Silent Mind, Holy Mind,
Now is the time, Conditions are prime.
The Enlightenment Factors are developed well.
The Four Noble Truths become clear as a bell,
The Eye of Dhamma is opened wide,
The three lower fetters are broken in stride.

Tonight the Yogi enters the Stream,
Tomorrow Nibbana no longer a Dream.

Source: ... ssana.html

:anjali: :namaste:
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Re: The Buddhamas Carol

Post by retrofuturist » Sat Dec 24, 2016 8:57 am

Season greetings everyone,

I wish each you a Merry Christmas and hope you all find some time to spend with loved ones during the holiday season.

May this be a time of peace and goodwill to all.

Paul. :)
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Re: The Buddhamas Carol

Post by Lucas Oliveira » Sat Dec 24, 2016 6:48 pm

Feliz Natal Dhamma Wheel !!!

Merry Christmas Dhamma Wheel !

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