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Moja Żona

Postby Pondera » Mon Dec 09, 2013 6:13 am

"Moja Żona" - Polish for "My Wife" (Artwork by me)
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Advise please - Nimittas appear around me without trouble. But for me the first is murky, and thick, but obvious. And it is "encompassing". I know the others beyond the first, in succession. I am completely at ease with my insight and have experienced some pleasure from the first. But I am also completely new to this. I have read that the best nimitta is circular, bright, and clear. I read this from Ajahn Brahmavamso. Is this accurate? What direction would be workable? I am assuming the strength and quality of the nimitta is completely workable. But Brahmavasmo mentions different ways to develop. I'm actually not even concerned; or eager to "make the nimitta stronger" - so to speak. I would only like to know if I am on a good "track". Or if there are some fundamental misconceptions in what I am experiencing here. Thank you in advance.

- Pondéra

The past is written in red ink, founded on the earth, for the sake of transparency.

Darkness follows the past into the present.

"My back aches;
I will rest it."

- the Buddha

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