Dhammacariya Sutta

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Dhammacariya Sutta

Post by jcsuperstar » Mon Feb 15, 2010 5:16 pm

Snp 2.6 PTS: Sn 274-283
Dhammacariya Sutta: Wrong Conduct
translated from the Pali by
John D. Ireland
"The practice of Dhamma, [1] the practice of continence, [2] mastery of this is said to be best if a person has gone forth from home to the homeless life. But if he is garrulous and, like a brute, delights in hurting others, his life is evil and his impurity increases.
"A quarrelsome bhikkhu shrouded by delusion, does not comprehend the Dhamma taught by the Awakened One when it is revealed. Annoying those practiced in meditation, being led by ignorance, he is not aware that his defiled path leads to Niraya-hell. Falling headlong, passing from womb to womb, from darkness to (greater) darkness, such a bhikkhu undergoes suffering hereafter for certain.

"As a cesspool filled over a number of years is difficult to clean, similarly, whoever is full of impurity is difficult to make pure. Whoever you know to be such, bhikkhus, bent on worldliness, having wrong desires, wrong thoughts, wrong behavior and resort, being completely united avoid him, sweep him out like dirt, remove him like rubbish. Winnow like chaff the non-recluses. Having ejected those of wrong desires, of wrong behavior and resort, be pure and mindful, dwelling with those who are pure. Being united and prudent you will make an end to suffering."

2.Brahmacariya, the divine-life, the practice of purity or chastity. Dhammacariya and Brahmacariya are two closely related terms. "Dhamma" being used here in the sense of virtue or good conduct.
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Re: Dhammacariya Sutta

Post by nschauer » Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:47 am

Its difficult to comprehend - on a practical level - what impurity means. This is the eightfold path? Cela? In the context of the sutta - it would seem that impurity is referring to something much more vile than is covered by right thought, right action ect. Clarify please?



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