SN 1.71 Chetvā Having Slain

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SN 1.71 Chetvā Having Slain

Post by mikenz66 » Wed Mar 26, 2014 7:32 am

SN 1.71 Chetvā SN i 41 Having Slain
Translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi

At Savatthi. Standing to one side, that devata addressed the Blessed One in verse:
  • “Having slain what does one sleep soundly?
    Having slain what does one not sorrow?
    What is the one thing, O Gotama,
    Whose killing you approve?”
The Blessed One:
  • “Having slain anger, one sleeps soundly;
    Having slain anger, one does not sorrow;
    The killing of anger, O devata,
    With its poisoned root and honeyed tip:
    This is the killing the noble ones praise,
    For having slain that, one does not sorrow.” [128]

[128] Spk: Anger has a poisoned root (visamūla) because it results in suffering. It has a honeyed tip (madhuragga) because pleasure arises when one returns anger with anger, abuse with abuse, or a blow with a blow.


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