What does straightforward in speech mean?

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What does straightforward in speech mean?

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What does straightforward in speech mean? From the Karaniya Metta Sutta.

link to Metta sutta below.

https://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitak ... .amar.html

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Re: What does straightforward in speech mean?

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It's good to remember that any English word or phrase that is used is a translator's choice.
So let's look at the links to other translations at the page you provided.

Let him be able, and upright and straight,
Easy to speak to, gentle, and not proud,
Be capable, upright, & straightforward,
easy to instruct, gentle, & not conceited,
Should be able, honest and upright,
Gentle in speech, meek and not proud.
Here is another (Bhikkhu Bodhi):
he should be able, upright, and very upright,
amenable to advice and gentler, without arrogance
And another:(Khantipalo -- from Sutta Central):
One should be able, upright, straight and not proud,
easy to speak to, mild and well content,
That makes 6 so far.
The word "straightforward" shows up in only two -- so it is obviously a choice, presumably a reasonable one.
So using an English dictionary is a reasonable way to try to understand it.
w/o concealment or deception, honest; free from ambiguity; w/o evasion.
Probably looking at definitions of the other translations would be helpful "upright" and "straight" (when applied to a person).
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Re: What does straightforward in speech mean?

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Upright, perfectly upright (ujū ca, suhujū ca): Why is
it emphasised as perfectly upright? The meaning of upright is
that one should be completely honest and upright in one’s
actions and speech. Perfectly upright means that one should
be honest even in thought — that is one should expel lust,
ill-will, delusion and wrong views whenever they arise.

From An Exposition of The Metta Sutta by Bhikkhu Pesala (http://www.aimwell.org/An%20Exposition% ... 0Sutta.pdf)
26. Now while some of the bhikkhus understood it, some did not,
since the teaching was extremely brief. Consequently, in order to
make those who had not yet understood understand, he uttered the
second half-stanza, namely,
* He would be able, right, upright,
‘ And meek and gentle and not proud ’,
giving in detail what must especially be done by a forest-dwelling

[Stanza 1 second half: commentary on the meaning]
27. What is meant? A forest-dwelling bhikkhu, who desires to
abide in the State of Peace, after having contrived to attain it, or
who, after contriving to attain it with [only] mundane understand-
ing, is practising the way finally to arrive at it,2° would be able (sakko
assa) with the possession of the second and fourth factors of en-
deavour*! to practise for the penetration of the Truths without
regard for body and life. Likewise, he would be able, that is, clever,
unidle, capable, in the preliminary work for a Universal (kasina: see
Vis. Ch. iv), in undertaking the duties, etc., and** in repairing his
own bowl, robes, etc., and in these and other such major and minor
things to be done for companions in the Divine Life.
28. Being? able, he would also be right (uju) with possession of the
third factor of endeavour.24 Being right, instead of being content
with being right once he would be more thoroughly right (sutthwaram
wju), [that is, upright (sujuz)] by repeatedly promoting non-laxity as
long as he lives. Or alternatively, he is right by means of non-
fraudulence and upright by means of non-deceitfulness. Or he is
right with abandonment of crookedness of body and speech and
upright with abandonment of crookedness of mind. Or he is right
by non-publication of any special qualities [of jhana and path]
that are non-existent [in himself] (see Vin. Parajika 4) and upright
by non-endurance of gain arisen on account of [such] non-existent
special qualities. Thus he would be right and upright with the
purity of ends and means*® consisting in meditation upon objects
[of pure concentration] and upon the [three General] character-
istics [of impermanence, etc.,} which are ensured respectively by
the first pair of Trainings, [namely, the Higher Virtue and
Higher Cognizance,] and by the third, [namely, the Higher Under-

From the commentary of Khuddakapatha.

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Re: What does straightforward in speech mean?

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O seeing one,we for refuge go to thee!
O mighty sage do thou our teacher be!

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Tattha tattha vipassati

“Yato yato mano nivāraye,
Na dukkhameti naṃ tato tato;
Sa sabbato mano nivāraye,
Sa sabbato dukkhā pamuccatī”ti.

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Re: What does straightforward in speech mean?

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It helps to understand that this perfect straighforwardness should be practiced at all times. It is from that that the benefit is realised. If the habit to waver is maintained, progress stalls.

Unwavering Honesty or Continuous Devotion to the Path. One does not move in relation to right speech, yet without conceit. Humble.

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Re: What does straightforward in speech mean?

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It means, be sincere, honest and, decent . .

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