What happends if i drink alcohol?

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Re: What happends if i drink alcohol?

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From the Uposatha sutta :
"Bikkhus. (wherever it says Bhikkus be aware it refers to mendicants on the path) Ariyan disciples in this discipline reflect thus:

"'All arahants, for as long as life lasts, have given up the taking of liquors and intoxicants, of that which intoxicates, causing carelessness. They are far from intoxicants.'

"All of you have given up the taking of liquors and intoxicants. You abstain from drink which causes carelessness. For all of this day and night, in this manner, you will be known as having followed the arahants, and the Uposatha will have been observed by you. This is the fifth factor of the Uposatha."

There are variants of this but basically it says 'refrain from taking intoxicants'. Intoxicants lead to carelessness.

Buddha says "... what is the Uposatha of the Noble Ones? It is the cleansing of the defiled mind through the proper technique." and "brings glorious and radiant fruit and benefit."


addendum: As an alcoholic I find it very important to abstain from ANY intoxicants as it can work as a primer that leads to future carelessness about amounts and potencies.

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Re: What happends if i drink alcohol?

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What is heedlessness?
Pamāda: carelessness, being remiss, sloppy, acting without care and attention to what one is doing.

Is this a question about what it is like to be drunk, or about why being drunk is undesirable?
Why being drink is undesirable.
S N Goenka said that only a zip of alcohol is a break against morality i remember now.

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Re: What happends if i drink alcohol?

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In a number of suttas, the Buddha picks out breaking the first 4 precepts. For eg in the Kalama sutta " "And this greedy person, overcome by greed, his mind possessed by greed, kills living beings, takes what is not given, goes after another person's wife, tells lies, and induces others to do likewise, all of which is for long-term harm & suffering."

The 5th precept prohibits imbibing alcohol but in my opinion, the danger is not the alcohol itself, but imbibing alcohol leads to the real danger of breaking the first 4 precepts.

As an analogy, one is advised against traveling to a war zone. Not that the land itself poses a danger to one but because one can be harmed by the ongoing conflict.

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Re: What happends if i drink alcohol?

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the habit of being intoxicated leads to mental disorder

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Re: What happends if i drink alcohol?

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Depends on lots of factors.

A little alcohol won't do much. If you drink a moderate to large amount you will feel drunk. Your inhibitions will be lessened, as will your coordination etc. It will affect your ability to make decisions etc.

It will have a toxic affect on your body proportional to the dose.

Getting drunk might not necessarily have any other effects. However due to the loss of inhibition you might decide to break other precepts.
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Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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Re: What happends if i drink alcohol?

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Your mind becomes hazy, concentrations fall, and you get drunk, inebriated . .

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