How to ask to be under a Bhikkhu's guidance / teaching?

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How to ask to be under a Bhikkhu's guidance / teaching?

Postby Zenainder » Wed Jun 05, 2013 7:40 pm

Hello forum!

I want to involve my practice within a temple (a struggle of mine when it concerns organized religion, it is slowly falling away) and, more particularly, learn under a specific bhikkhu. At this time, I've only met in person once with the bhikkhu I have in mind and I want to know if there is a proper way in asking to learn under him? I am uncertain if that is practiced between laity and monastics (beyond group settings). I plan on attending dhamma talks and group meditation teachings (although I still struggle with the role of recitations / chantings).

Do lay persons traditionally learn directly under bhikkhu's?

I really hope to progress in my practice as correctly and diligently as possible and hope to subject myself to direct guidance of a venerable monk! :)




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Re: How to ask to be under a Bhikkhu's guidance / teaching?

Postby Bakmoon » Sun Jul 14, 2013 5:44 pm

I'm surprised this question hasn't been answered yet.

In the Theravada tradition, there is no established custom of lay people formally requesting instruction under a specific monk. You can just consider a particular monk to be your teacher and listen to them, but there isn't any sort of formal structure for it.

For monks, there are certain things like it. When a monk ordains, he is supposed to learn the Dhamma from his preceptor (the one who ordains him) or by a teacher designated by his preceptor for 5 years, but of course, that's just for monks.
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