cessation vs remaindless cessation.

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cessation vs remaindless cessation.

Post by Gena1480 » Sat Feb 02, 2013 11:13 pm

i found two things
in the loka sutta
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it speaks about origination of the world and cessation of the world
here the cessation of the world starts with remainderless cessation of craving
and 3 in noble truth it states that it is the remainderless fading & cessation, renunciation, relinquishment, release, & letting go of that very
in the minfulness of breath sutta
it describes cessation and relinquishment as two different steps.
it states i breath in focusing on cessation
it states i breath out focusing on cessation
but it still have last step called relinquishment.
it clear that cessation is not relinquishment or extingushment
or what is know remainderless cessation.
now i'm going to try my best to explain. what is the difference.
i'm going to pick, dependence of ignorance and mental fermentation.
mental fermentation depends on ignorance
ignorance depend on mental fermentation
so to my understanding
when you cease one the other fall away
so with cessation of ignorance come cessation of mental fermentation
but when they turn on each other
cessation of mental fermentation try to cease ignorance
but it cant, ignorance was cease /ignorance is not there no more
but what is there is remaindless cessation.
this is what i call extinquishment or remainderless cessation
so what do you think people.

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