Pali word from Majjhima 61 please

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Pali word from Majjhima 61 please

Post by dhammapal » Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:14 am


The key word in my English translation of Majjhima 61 Instructions to Rahula is “affliction”. I think that the Buddha was not just talking about physical or mental discomfort but the dukkha of birth, aging, illness and death.

Can someone look up and explain the Pali word for affliction?

Thanks / dhammapal.

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Re: Pali word from Majjhima 61 please

Post by lojong1 » Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:56 am

MN 61:"...kāyakammaṃ atta-byābādhāyapi saṃvatteyya, para-byābādhāyapi saṃvatteyya, ubhayabyābādhāyapi saṃvatteyya..."

Rhys Davids says it's semantically connected with vyaapaada (ill-will)--the nivarana--and vyaapajjha (troubling).
Vyaabaadha: oppression; injury, harm, hurting; usually with atta-(self) and para-(other).
Byaabaadha: evil; wrong; hurt; usually with atta-, para-, and ubhaya (both).

Buddhist Philosophy by David Kalupahana, p.62, preview at google books, has a little on that passage. ... ta&f=false" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Pali word from Majjhima 61 please

Post by acinteyyo » Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:08 am

Hi dhammapal,

I guess you mean this phrase from MN61:
MN61 wrote:"Whenever you want to do a bodily action, you should reflect on it: 'This bodily action I want to do — would it lead to self-affliction, to the affliction of others, or to both?'"
In Pali it is:
`yaṃ nu kho ahaṃ idaṃ kāyena kammaṃ kattukāmo idaṃ me kāyakammaṃ attabyābādhāyapi saṃvatteyya, parabyābādhāyapi saṃvatteyya, ubhayabyābādhāyapi saṃvatteyya
The word we're looking for is "byābādha". The dictionary I use says:
Byābādha [vy+ā+bādh] evil, wrong, hurt; usually referred to as 3 fold: atta˚, para˚, ubhaya˚, or against oneself against others, & both
So as far as I can tell, "attabyābādhāyapi, parabyābādhāyapi, ubhayabyābādhāyapi" means, "evil against oneself, evil against others, evil against both" or "hurt oneself, hurt others, hurt both"
The paliword for "affliction" according to the dictionary I use would be "paritāpa", which can't be found in MN61.

best wishes, acinteyyo

edit: oh... didn't see lojong1's post
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