STED 4j (jhanas) code phrase: "pleasant abiding here and now"

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STED 4j (jhanas) code phrase: "pleasant abiding here and now"

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Also interesting to note kāma (sensual pleasure), like chanda (desire), is not always negative as the cause of suffering/dukkha.
In the passage examined, "kāma", is in the context of one easily obtains, "at will", the 4 jhanas.

Also notice how nice it is and how much easier it is to parse the pali and make sense of it when people are kind enough to add hyphens, compared to the original pericope in raw pali roman script jumbled soup:
catunnaṃ jhānānaṃ ābhicetasikānaṃ diṭṭhadhammasukhavihārānaṃ nikāmalābhī hoti akicchalābhī akasiralābhī .
We live in the digital age now, there's no need to save money on ink and material expense of extra pages in physical books. Knock yourself out, add punctuation, hyphens, and space phrases out so it's easy for people to understand what the heck the sutta is saying. The suttas are not prose! Why format it like it is? It's not the Great American Novel. Suttas are terse, formulas designed to be easy to remember, like an outline. Why go out of your way to make it hard for people to learn pali and read suttas? : ☸🐘 STED definitions 🎙️🔊Audio Tales in Pāli: ☸Dharma and Vinaya in many languages

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