upekkhā- a substance?

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upekkhā- a substance?

Post by auto » Mon Apr 15, 2019 3:15 pm

And what does that consciousness know? Tena ca viññāṇena kiṃ vijānāti?
It knows ‘pleasure’ and ‘pain’ and ‘neutral’. ‘Sukhan’tipi vijānāti, ‘dukkhan’tipi vijānāti, ‘adukkhamasukhan’tipi vijānāti.
They know: ‘With the cessation of that contact to be experienced as pleasant, the corresponding pleasant feeling ceases and stops.’ ‘Tasseva sukhavedaniyassa phassassa nirodhā yaṃ tajjaṃ vedayitaṃ sukhavedaniyaṃ phassaṃ paṭicca uppannā sukhā vedanā sā nirujjhati, sā vūpasammatī’ti pajānāti.
There remains only equanimity, pure, bright, pliable, workable, and radiant.
Athāparaṃ upekkhāyeva avasissati parisuddhā pariyodātā mudu ca kammaññā ca pabhassarā ca.
pure, bright, pliable, workable and radiant. I think its valid evidence there is tangible substance. Matter but not rupa.

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